Its time to take a serious look at hunter pets

Hunter pets are absolutely out of control, there is no reason that a hunter pet should be able to 100-0 me, while im trying to gank an AFK hunter.

I came upon a hunter, ambushed him, then backstabbed him twice. he had half health left, didnt even move, in the mean time his pet has me down to 20%. I pop evasion, a potion, and I still die to an afk hunters pet before I can kill him.

there is no way this is intended. This is insanely busted. if he wasnt afk I would have died within 2-3 seconds. instead it took 8 seconds.

Blizzard, this isnt ok. hunter pets should no be soloing ANYONE. EVER.

next phase they get bestial wrath, so instead of soloing 1 player, they can solo 2-3, while the hunter solo’s 1-2. effectively allowing hunters to wipe 5 man parties with ease? what are you guys thinking??


Haha wind serpent go bzzzzzzz


No way that happened. If your health is so low that this were remotely possible, a geared warrior would kill you in 3 globals.

Most of the anti-hunter whining these days boils down to players not wanting hunters to have an AI pet at all.


Do shut up now


Gouge. You said nothing about ccing pet while you casually killed the afker


I have 938 hp, I clipped the video, I didnt have a problem with hunters until I started pvping on this character and this happened. I didnt realize how blatantly broken they were.

even if I had 800 hp, i should not be dying to a hunters pet set on aggro when they are afk. even if i had 700 hp.

A warrior would kill you in 2 globals. Stop skirting the issue, you just don’t want hunters to have an AI pet.

While we’re talking about afk advantages, stealth should drain the rogue’s energy. After 15-20 seconds it should fade and the rogue become visible for no less than 2 seconds (and not be able to re-stealth without a button press.)


skirting the issue? im charging right at it.

hunters should not have pets that can solo players. hunters should not have pets that solo players while afk. hunters should not have pets that can solo another player while the hunter kills another player. its broken. too much damage on pet, too much health, its just busted.

a fully geared rogue has what? 1.1-2k hp without buffs? so a warrior kills him in 3 globals. whats your point? it doesnt take away from how broken pets are right now.

I would say gouge the pet, vanish, etc… but you parse complete greys in BFD so yeah, I don’t expect much from you. You’ll get the pet next time champ.

EDIT: Uh… you’re running Saber Slash, but you’re still using Sinister Strike, like, a lot. If you read your abilities that will probably help.

EDIT2: Oh god it keeps getting worse the more I look. On your Kelris kill (you parsed a 1 btw) you had more sinister strike damage than saber slash. Do us both a favor and remove sinister strike from your bars.


There’s still time to delete this incredibly embarrassing post, op


Oooft shots fired


OMG. Thank you for pointing that out.


I genuinely do not get how people can be this bad, I can easily kill full bfd geared non-afk hunters on my rogue with just an ambush, saber slash and stun before their pet can kill me.

That was before the latest round of nerfs…
Wow, just wow.

Edit: Yup that log speaks volumes, you’re undergeared already which is half your issue.


I don’t think it’s a gear issue, if he was still in BIS gear my bet is on that he’d still lose to the pet.


right, my 25 rogue that hit 25 and went into bfd in a gdkp with greens and a 14 dps sword, no deadly brew, etc, was supposed to blue parse lol


ofc you are a gold buyer as well LOL


the copium is actually disgusting. hunters pets will be getting more nerfs.

if ya’ll had have a brain you’d be able to pick apart those logs and see i was missing key runes, had horrible gear, and was in a leveling spec. i didnt even have time to respec before going to raid after hitting 25

but i wouldnt expect any of you to enough brain power to see any of that. much easier to just say “lol this guy hit lvl 25 and went into bfd an hour later didnt parse well lol he doesnt know how to play a rogue”

this right here just proves how bad you are at this game, you saber strike only to keep the dot up, there is NO reason to continue using saber strike while the dot is maintained. if the dot is maintained you use sinister strike because it does 100% PLUS extra damage.

you cant be serious.

once again proving just how bad you are, and your inability to read logs. total uptime % on kelaris? next to none. why? because i was phased, I came out in phase 2, given that phase 2 last about 15 seconds id be an absolute idiot to try and build a bleed and use SnD and pretend like the boss wasnt in execute phase. no. you burst and pray to land an evis.

you literally have no idea what youre talking about, and its sad. 0 game knowledge, and 0 understanding of warcraft logs. oof. makes me sick to read.

id post my classic rogue parses on here but i know exactly what youd say “LOL THATS NOT YOU”

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hunter pets getting more nerfs, and even more after bestial wrath is being used =D

So just to confirm, the top parsing Rogue currently on WCL who had 106 saber slash casts and 10 sinister strike casts in their BFD run is wrong and bad?