Its Time to Stand up for Whats Right

I’ll subscribe to this.

Give Worgen Tails.

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Worgens dont need tails. Thats a vulpera trait.

But they could have tails and it would be pretty sweet.


I like it better than Tuna Helper.

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This is what I was thinking.

But I don’t want a tail.

I will however, take the ability to hide my weapons so I can fight with claws, The ability to fight in worgen form as a druid, and the ability to be human by default when not in combat.

I don’t see why it can’t be added as an option. The people who don’t want it can just simply not choose it in the barbershop. Like a toggle on or off.

Even Shia LaBeouf supports our cause.

“JUST DO IT.” - Shia, to Blizzard circa 2015

Depends on the werewolf honestly. The more humanoid “Universal Wolfman” types don’t have a tail, but, and yes I’ll go here, if you check out cryptid profiles under “dogman” people do apparently see these things, IRL, with tails when they do see them. Maybe they’re all tripping balls but I like the concept. So we can either go with the hollywood version or the weird modern folk tales version, and I prefer the latter.

Also just found out dogman has a tail-less variant. I’m guessing he saw this debate and wanted more options.

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Nope doesn’t fit the lore lets not ruin that OK?


Give ankylodons tails too

Now :gun::triumph:

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If they do give Worgen tails, when the player is just standing around, the tail needs to wag just like every character looks around lol!!

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Worgen never had tails.

I had forgotten about this, and it bothers me even more deeply.

blizzard is alright with sprouting an entire after life out of nothingness to make an expansion. I’m sure worgens having a tail option won’t hurt the game by comparison.

This isn’t even remotely equal involving a comparison. The Shadowlands are something with no predetermined lore. There’s never been anything written about the Shadowlands. They had to bring a visual picture and more thoroughly established lore to make this expansion even be a thing, which they’ve been lining up for years.

Worgen, on the other hand, have plenty of established lore, and plenty of reasoning to not have tails with over a decade and then some of imagery involving them not having tails to back it.

Completely false equivalency.

Skyrim Worgen never had tails. But this isn’t Skyrim. If it was, I’d be happily married to Aela the Huntress. After months of marital murderous bliss, she’d inexplicably start to walk backwards everywhere and our relationship would eventually just unravel.

So yeah. This isn’t Skyrim. Let Worgen choose if they want tails or not.

Worgen in Warcraft never had tails either. Just saying.

and a boob slider.

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They never had the opportunity to have tails.