It's time to get off


“BUT MOM, I’m in the middle of a dungeon!!!”
“Well how much longer is it going to take?”
“I don’t know I’ve never done it before!!!”
This is the same excuse my dad had. Which is one of the reasons he had to quit playing to save his marriage.
All those videos about people being addicted to WoW, why, because it was addictive. It was so good that you would let it damage your personal relationships. I know I won’t experience the same wonder I had the first time, but it’s probably better than the alternatives at hand; that’s if they get it right.


It’s going to be an interesting experience.I have no family,no friends( that play wow) and no spouse, just work and my hobbies.


That’s how you do it

(Felorean) #4

Just pause it duh


I’ve been itching for a good mmorpg for a while now, but I just want to play wow. Not this abomination that wow has become.

I wouldn’t say it’s a great way to do it because my mom developed a deep seated hate for this game.


Guild wars 2 was the closest i’d gotten to the older style but unfortunately none of my friends wanted to play that either lol.


Guild wars 2 got stale really fast, GW1 as well. My friend played GW1 but wouldn’t try wow, so I compromised and got it. I think what made it feel stale was him trying to hold my hand, to rush me through the content. Not letting me take it in at my own pace.


It was far more fun when i took my time, i still haven’t finished the map on any of my 80’s but playing a game like guild wars 2 solo or any mmo is dull to me since i don’t do much of the group content.


Eh, my mom’s dead she can’t hate me anymore for anything.


Given that I’m a grown man I doubt she cares what I do with my spare time, but during vanilla, that’s a different story.

I didn’t really feel the incentive to do the map completion


I got stories lol.


Eh, i’m a completionist. any game i play i try to get 100%. it’s a problem, i also spend far to much time doing busy work. I blame harvest moon. * addendum*
Whatever server i play on, there’s going to be a surplus of fish on the AH every weekend especially if i’m as heavily medicated as i am right now.


Say goodbye to your hobbies hahaha


Gaming is my hobby. and DND when we can all make time but, well.