It's Time To Add New Warlock Minion Glyphs

WoW needs more Demons to compete with the upcoming masterpiece “Doom Maternal”, and with the Legion dismantled, Warlocks are the only source of Demons around.


The warlock pet system needs help.

I fail to understand how the, ‘masters of demon summoning’ haven’t managed to improve their summoning for nearly 15 years.

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Just adding my usual suggestions here:


The warlock pet system is severely in need of a revamp. Adding demon skins would be nice and pretty, yes, but we still have problems with their braindead AI.

Solving how demo locks are still the only DPS class “without an interrupt” should also be worked on. A demo lock is the master of summoning and controlling demons, having two pets like a hunter shouldn’t be an outlandish thing.

The power to control a felguard and a second pet (Maybe a felhuter, the doggo capable of interrupting!) would add some interesting things to the warlock’s kit.

The lack of pet customization is merely a symptom of a much larger problem.


Don’t mean to hijack, but I didn’t know Demon locks didn’t have an interrupt. You have stuns though, right?

Mages are the only class in the game to not have a stun. It is bizzare.

Technically they do have an interrupt in the Felhunter minion.

But they aren’t supposed to use the Felhunter minion.

So they end up in a weird situation where they have to choose whether to be able to interrupt or to deal damage lol

RIP Deep Freeze.

Awwww whosa cute lil imp fel mother yesyou are!


Demo locks have to choose between using the felguard (A pet responsible for a large chunk of our DPS) or the felhunter (The interrupting doggo) and, while swapping pets midfight is possible, its also incredibly clunky when you consider that summoning a new demon stuns your active pet, consumes a soulshard and also takes a good 2s of casting. No other class in the game has to go through such an absurd hassle to do an interrupt.

The stun department is well stocked. We have both Shadowfury for an aoe stun and the felguard’s axe toss for a single-target stun. Works well and helps control mobs perfectly when they can be stunned.

Alas, mythic dungeons require interrupts to go smoothly. When you have a demo lock everyone else has to be extra interruptive to pick up the slack. God forbid you try to do a SotS with both a demo lock and a balance druid.

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I joined a random M+ SotS key once on my MW monk and the dps was two boomies and a lock and I had to nope right on out of there before it started.

(I explained why before I left at least, because I’m a sweetheart)

Blizzard has taken much from Warlocks.Like our permanent Doomguard and Infernal pet.They pruned too much. :-1:

Hunters got Hati back but Warlocks got nothing. :expressionless:

Give Warlocks a new enslave demon spell that once used allows us to permanently call that particular demon model back to serve as our minion.
There are many models of demons that can be used especially after the Legion expansion and it would be a shame to let them go to waste.


I see that suggestion a lot. While I’m pretty sure allowing us to enslave a few demons for their specific models would solve the cosmetic issue, i’m pretty sure blizzard can do better.

Glyphs and tames are boring, leave the zoo collection to hunters. What I think we need are small and special quests dedicated to acquiring new pet looks. Back in the old days, when class quests still existed, every demon pet had a small flavour quests related to their summoning.

You had to gather reagents to prepare the ritual and bring an offering to lure the demon out of the Twisting Nether, culminating in a fight between the warlock and the summoned fiend. If the demon lost, it would be forever bound to the warlock’s will and, if the warlock lost, lore-wise the demon would probably be free to do whatever it wished with your soul.

We need something like that back. I get it no one wants to do a boring quests for their basic spells nowdays, but maybe a few reskins for each demon would be a fitting place for a quest like that.


I would love that too.:+1:
I would enjoy getting more Warlock specific quests like getting the green fire for my Warlock which I enjoyed greatly.

Just give us away to access to more demon models.

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The only thing I don’t like about demo is being stuck with one demon. Other specs have a tiny bit of flexibility now, but I would suggest removing the CC from the demons and making it part of the class itself. For demo, whatever demon should get a new spell that does damage like the felguard spell. and more models!

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That’s really good. Nice ideas.