It's the holidays again!

Hello everyone! Jendora again, of Exodar’s Pet Shelter!

I’m a bit late in my posting of this, but another year, another time to celebrate being here! And as I’ve done for many years now, I want to once again share a little bit of joy with others during this admittedly sometimes difficult time.

Starting on the 25th of December at midnight, Server Time, I will be giving away randomly picked and wrapped noncombat pets by the tree in Ironforge. I usually go for a few hours before I have to go to sleep, and then when I next log in I catch up with any letters I’ve been sent. Hopefully I’ll be easy enough to see, I’ll be dressed up for the season and wearing the yellow guild tabard with a big white paw on it!

Anyone who comes and asks me will get one noncombat pet traded to them. And if you will be unable to make it, feel free to send me a letter in game and I’ll mail one along to you! I want to get as many people given gifts as possible!

My character is on the Argent Dawn side of the merger, so if you need to find me, that’s how you can.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Stay safe out there :slight_smile: