It's a Feature, Not a Bug

I once memed on Twitter about how ESO gave me a Summerset Isles beta invite, and then Blizzard gave me the BfA beta invite.

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If people enjoy Classic when it launches, who cares? Personally I have no interest in classic (not much interest in Blizzard games in general for that matter).

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Unlike previous betas. I didn’t get an e-mail saying I was invited. I just noticed an extra dropdown option on the WoW launcher. So make sure you take a peek!

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Got me all hopeful for a moment, there.

I knew something like this would happen…

Might give it a swing again, just for old time’s sake.

Probably won’t keep my interest for long though. I still remember the game play… And the old models.

Sorry. :frowning_face:

At the risk of doing it again, there’s going to be a stress test on Wednesday evening which will broaden the invite pool at least for a little while:

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I assume it’ll be clearly labeled Classic? I only see a PTR download, which I’m pretty sure has always been there.

Ah, yeah. Don’t see that. Ah, well.

On one hand I want to go back to the world I started in, but on the other hand I know that a lot of my warm fuzzy feelings come from wearing a set of rose tinted goggles; I might poke at it but I don’t see myself packing up and moving back to the Barrens cross roads.

I have a passing interest at best in classic. I remember how much of a slog it was in too many parts, how klunky it could be. Yeah, there absolutely were things I did like better about how Classic did things. But, at the end of the day, I like the current game better.

I started playing around the time the Dire Maul patch hit. There’s a lot of Classic that I think people will enjoy, and like this whole “It’s Not A Bug” List shows, there’s a lot of things people just don’t remember being kind of a pain in the neck.

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My disinterest in classic comes down to a few points.

No Draenei
No Blood Elves
No New Models
No Transmog

No thank you.

There are of course a myriad of other reasons I have no interest in classic but those are the big ones.

People are having a great time on the beta, things are looking good so far.

This was fun to watch:

Venruki has his mind changed:

My husband looked over my shoulder last night and was like “oh yeah, lowbie gear”. Excuse you but my pally was looking good af in her rusty tanktop and teal chainmail capri pants.

I’m sure my opinion will change when I’m trudging around as a 30something without a mount, having to crisscross zones with a one-hour CD hearthstone and one flight point, but classic is a lot more charming than I expected.

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Oh wow, that’s insane. I’m surprised he 180’d like that.

The real question is, who the hell is Venruki?

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Hey come on old Gnome models aren’t THAT bad

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Pretty famous / well liked wow player, won world championship, has a named npc in game etc.

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As somebody who played in Vanilla, I still contend that there’s a significant portion of the people clamoring for Classic that are more enthused with the idea of “Classic” WoW and what it represents than what it actually was and will be.

They want a moment in time back (especially noticeable when you see people who want more and more “classic” servers tied to whatever their most nostalgic expansion was), not literally the mechanics of that era.

Like…it’s ok if you don’t like WoW anymore. Time-Sunk-Fallacy is a thing. There’s a whole endless sea of video games out there. Give 'em a try!

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If you say so. Never heard of him.