Item Tuning Adjustments in 9.0.2

We’ve identified a number of items that were disproportionately powerful for their item level, especially going into Shadowlands, where reaching max level should come with new, more powerful items to wear. So we’re making the following adjustments with patch 9.0.2:

  • The Heart of Azeroth’s secondary stats have been reduced by 20%.
  • The power of several legacy trinkets has been reduced in all content. The effectiveness of the following trinkets have been reduced by 15%:
    • Dead-Eye Spyglass
    • Harlan’s Loaded Dice
    • Lustrous Golden Plumage
    • Peerless Alchemist Stone
    • Tiny Electromental in a Jar
    • Torment in a Jar
    • Vial of Animated Blood
    • Writhing Segment of Drest’agath
  • The effectiveness of the following trinkets have been reduced by 25%:
    • Azshara’s Font of Power
    • Corrupted Gladiator’s Badge
    • Corrupted Gladiator’s Insignia
    • Galecaller’s Boon
    • Manifesto of Madness
    • Vita-Charged Titanshard
  • The effectiveness of the following trinkets have been reduced by 40%:
    • Ashvane’s Razor Coral
    • Highborne Compendium of Storms

These changes are testable in the Shadowlands Beta over the next week, and again, will be effective in the live game with patch 9.0.2 (tomorrow in this region).

Where is a nerfs to BFA M+ and raids by 5% to compensate for above item nerfs?


Why not just force us to replace this stat stick in the beginning versus nerfing it’s effectiveness? It’s a relic of an expansion we’re all ready to leave behind.

And yet you haven’t lowered the stats on azerite gear, so we get to keep using those pieces with all the traits grayed out because they’re still better than quest rewards as we level.


BfA is gone for good, allow it to rest in pieces.


will we see new trinkets soon in the expansion? or will we have to get to 60 and wait for that worldquest to pop up after 3 week?


My dude, expansion is out in literally a week and we already overpower existing content. It does not matter. Let it go.


Why not do this on release day, not throw a 5-10% nerf at people trying to get one last set of mounts? This is odd.


As soon as you start running dungeons or venture into Castle Nathria.

All you do is non stop nerf things.
Just delete everything BFA and let it die already.


Razor coral name now changed to slightly sharp coral.


I don’t get it. Why did you nerf these items while BFA is for all intents and purposes current content for another six days?

Groups are effectively losing 5-10% of their throughput overnight, even after factoring in the many nerfs you’ve pushed during the prepatch, and the raid is technically harder now than it was for the last three-odd weeks before the prepatch.


this is such a joke of a company. you guys are unreal .literally blows my mind that these are the changes you want to do a week before SL. seriously just… L O L


Yah a week before when people are still trying to get some more mounts. Its horrible timing with no real reason to do it. We want new trinkets to be worth it well doing it on launch day would do that. Just no reason to do it a week in advance like this.

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Oh no, the power level of trinkets might ruin the PVE experience…


So instead of fixing all the problems you’re having with Shadowlands, you spent time nerfing BFA items. You guys seriously have no focus.


Wonder what questing will be like for people that didn’t/couldn’t grab sufficient catch up gear these last two weeks.

they are getting you ready for the misery of shadowlands.

Oh, this is wonderful news! This means you guys have finished all of the tweaking and balancing for SL, right?

Surely you’d have your priorities ordered in such a way that you would be wasting time on previous expansion tuning when there’s still work to be done in the expansion that launches in a week…

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I cant find the thread but ilvl 80 gear is min reccomended in beginning of shadowlands so thats obtainable by hitting 50 and running 3 heroics

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I don’t care about any of this, but I thank you for communicating it :slight_smile: