Item Restoration Wotlk Classic Issues

I am trying to recover items, from item restoration services, but I only see infinite Loading… Blank Icons and tagged as Consumable… I sent a ticket, but I though it was good to post it here, and I saw I wasn’t the only one with that issue.


You’re not the only one with that issue, I have about 5 pages that are stuck in the infinite loading glitch. I’m submitted a ticket, they might get to it sometime in the next 18 days

Same thing happening to me. Pls @blizzard

also happening with me

Happening to me too I just made another post about it before I found this one. My first two pages of loot will not load on any browser/device.


been over a month and this issue is still persisting. i have 15 pages of items that are recoverable, but are not recoverable because theyre stuck in infinte loading. please fix.