Item restoration window lag?

attempting to request a item restoration and not sure if anyone else is having the same issue but when i click on my respective character the items show up but i cant see what the stats are or anything of that sort?

I am having similar issues, every time I open item restoration the page lags out so I can’t even see the item list or type in any of the search bars.

Edit: The items now show up, but there are no stats on any items.

I just gave it a shot myself and while I didn’t complete the process, I was given the list of servers and characters. When I selected one of my characters it showed all their recently sold items.

I’m currently using Chrome for my browser. Something to try is clearing out your browser’s cookies and cache and see if that helps. Or try a different browser too.

If it’s still not working, there’s a link for putting in a ticket in this support article:

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yeah its still stuck also using Chrome. it shows the recently sold/DE items but when i mouse over them it will not show me the item, like its stats or what it actually is. It didnt used to do this.

This is also happening to me where the items are showing up, but no stats are shown. Just the “loading” message when I hover over them. It’s doing this on multiple browsers.

Not to necro this but I needed to use this feature today and it’s literally impossible; I’m looking for previously deleted gear with tertiary stats on them to undelete, but no stats at all are displayed on the item. Can’t hover over them, there’s nothing listed on the page after selecting them, nothing.

I have used three different browsers; Firefox, Chrome and lastly Edge as a last ditch effort. Yes that includes deleting cookies, cache, etc

I have used two different computers.

I have used two different smart devices.

I have used multiple different internet networks.

This is not an issue on my end. If literally every browser I try fails, on multiple hardware, across multiple operating systems (Windows, macOS, iOS, etc), on completely different network connections it can’t be a tech issue for just me. This entire feature is broken without the ability to see stats on gear otherwise we are just blindly restoring items.


Ditto, loading forever