Item Restoration page empty

As the title states, several pages of my Item restoration tab are showing as empty, which just so happens to be the items that I’m attempting to restore. Not sure what’s going on as you can continue past these pages and then things begin appearing again.

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Same problem I’m having today, on Dec 27. And I also had it a couple weeks ago when I did previous item restoration.

I did some research: bought a couple dozen cheap green items and had been disenchanting them one by one while monitoring “Item Restoration” page on 2nd screen.

My understanding it’s a front end/rendering issue. Back end requests were consistent - all items remained in order, working items were properly appearing with pictures. Broken item was moving down the list and was “breaking” appropriate page by displaying it empty.

For the support person - you can identify the exact item that’s causing the issue by looking at the restoration list for this character on my account (Eilina-Proudmoore).

  1. Find the “Tigerbane”, ilvl 66 green dagger in the list.
  2. If you count that dagger as #1, then #31 in the list will be the item that breaks your “Item Restoration” pages.

#30 "Searing Wyvern Brand, ilvl 363 mace
#31 ‘broken item’
#32 “Crimson Aspirant’s Leather Helm”

I suspect the items that are breaking the “item restoration” page are professional tool/accessories. I was looking for my disenchanted “Runed Khaz’gorite Rod” and by the timeline of my disenchanted stuff I can tell it is the item that’s “breaking” it.


Same issue. Many pages are just not loading.

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Same here. put a ticket in, got auto resolved, sitting on another one to see if they can help restore my item since the page isn’t loading. Your lost items wouldn’t happen to be a profession equipment would it? Because that’s my case atm.

Just wanted to confirm that this is still an issue as of now after 10.0.5. It’s also been a struggle to get across what’s going on to Customer Service.

[edit] I only just got a clean list just now, and I think I had to wait for the problematic profession tool to get purged from my list (fortunately, it was a green).

Ever find a fix on this Im having the same issue for Wotlk trying to get a certian piec of tier restored.

Having this issue as well. Many blank pages. Would really like to be able to restore an item. I have 3 pages displaying items and 5 that are blank.