It shouldn't be nighttime ingame at current time day

Why is Moonguard and Wrymrest Accord already at nighttime setting when atleast both of them are suppose to be Bright and sunny during the current day at 3:00pm in the US and when it gets dark at 9:00 clock?

Is this really a bug phase issue that is ruining the times of day at the servers or what?


This got answered in another thread with a blue post. When they did the last Maintenance they did a software update that inverted the day night cycle. They are working on a hot fix, but it could take a bit.


They’re on Europe time now.

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

They’re working on it

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Azeroth flipped upside down please be patient while the Titans help right herself :dracthyr_love_animated:


I agree. They should choose some random timezone that is mostly in the ocean (where less people are) so aliens can experiment with our most reliable clock ever (the atomic one {according to us!}) in such a way to see if I can realize that I’m being messed with when my Racial Ability (the night elf passive haste/crit) should have actually been as it should have been, and that is what finally causes me to throw a hammer through my computer I’m guessing.
The truth IS out there… like it would blow your mind-man.

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I’m enjoying my white Ash’adar while it lasts. I never get to see this color as I’m a daytime player for most of my play time.

It’s a bug issue, and very disappointed it wasn’t part of a 10.2.6 mystery event.

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Im actually glad to see this. I never see it as night time. It’s always day time

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Oh it makes me sad to realize the truth… that it’s a bug. Let’s not get too overly dramatic because I’m going to say something like… I thought humanity was better than that.

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I was wondering why it was so dark out.

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I honestly love it like this, the nighttime music and ambience is so much nicer than daytime in a lot of cities and zones.


We have that toy, Jar of Sunwarmed Sand, that makes it daytime when you want it to be.

Now we need the opposite, Bottle of Moondust, to turn day into night whenever you want it.

/moo :cow:


Sadly it only last for 2 hours. I hope the Game is fixed with the current time setting…

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Fwiw, we have the Inky Black Potion, but on the other hand, that one also makes it a lot darker than standard nighttime.

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When I found a bug like that my fix would be to make it something the IT people running the server could fix on the fly. It’s not clear why they made it a static item in the code that would require a recompile.

It’s cool seeing the Sun/An’she for once.

Might be interesting to just speed up the day/night cycle permanently. Let players of all time slots get to see both.

No idea. I don’t know coding or things like that.

Honestly why they bound the day/night cycle to real time is baffling to me. WoW is (I THINK) the only MMO that does that, isn’t it?