It is time to remove specs

Just mages, hunters , rogues, warriors etc. Imagine how easier it would be to balance than 36+ specs every 3 months. Thats how you get class fantasy


There’s 39 specs now… right?

Stop trolling, this isn’t sunday


Also, did you forget about tank, healer, and dps? Removing specs would force people to play one of the three only. That would make even more players leave than they are already


That is solved easily by gear and talents

I was thinking go the opposite direction and have sub specs :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, I like having different stuff to play around with.

I get a lot of fun from this game just figuring out and playing alts.


I don’t think it is. So people have to grind even more gear than they already are, just to play healer instead of dps? Stupid idea.

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not even close? its just like it is now tanks go for verse you can literally talent healers.

First, I cant understand you, second, people like to switch specs, and third, your toon needs some gearing. When he’s fully geared, then your troll posts may actually gain some meaning.

that would make the game worse in every aspect. If you just have a mage nothing is stopping you from using all current abilites or a mesh of one. no spec switching no single target an aoe specs youve a full kit with a full class. Like D&D… you know… what the game is based on. Also why would i fully gear an alt when the next patch is close? IF you cant understand me then you must be new to the game or suck at english

lol. this game is NOT based on dnd. at least not any of the good editions like 3.5.


Hunters only get survival spec abilities. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! :crazy_face:

This is what I don’t understand. First you put a question mark after a statement, second, what does “tanks go for verse you can literally talent healers” mean? Sounds like someone needs to go back to english class.
Also, people are already complaining that there are too many buttons, so why don’t we mash all specs together and make 3x the buttons?
Your logic sucks

checks spells checks ability names* checks interactions with literally 90% of the game.* Guess you havnt played either.

you can’t “check spells”. Blizzard website doesn’t allow you to see their talents, also, she probably has a lot more experience than you, considering that she actually plays the game and (probably) knows what would help it and what would hurt it.

sorry i meant to reply to someone else with that. People will complain about anything. might as well simplify it and make it easier instead of every 3 months we get a new balance update on 13 specs that are underperforming. Why would consolidating specs add more buttons? The difference between an arms warrior and prot can be boiled down to verse and a buff that gives them more hp and sword and shield. And you must not know any class spell you can see every spell any class has. alot of them are the exact ones from dnd. Yeah some changed over the years but the base still stands

stupidity at its finest

oh no it thinks it did something. Anyways my point still stands. removing specs will create a better balance and class fantasy. The X button is in the upper right-hand corner if you can muster the brain power to find it.

Again, go back to English class. What does “it” refer to? And what about the X in the upper right hand corner?