It is time. Classic WoW Devs, please reduce batching and leeway. (megathread)

yes, the devs have to fix this wecannot remain quiet, if we accept it now they will never fix it ever. We have to act.

Ignoring all the irrefutable evidence that shows both batching and leeway are functioning as they did in 2006 will not convince the developers to change them. Feigning ignorance isn’t going to accomplish anything. I have no idea why you guys think this is going to work, rofl.

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you are from heart seeker, anything you say is irrelevant. You know nothing of vanilla or this game because you ran away from a challenge like a loser.

You’re a level 120 rogue.


leeway is in the LEGION CLIENT it was not like this in vanilla. You can’t show me a freaking BFA video and say “it was like this in vanilla”. The brain of a heartseeker alliance.

And batching? Yes it was in all WoW expansions, but it was never this bad. I didn’t say to fully remove batching, I just said to lower it.

Dude, Leeway was IN VANILLA.

Blue post referencing melee characters having a little bit of “slush” built in that allowed Hunters to shoot in melee range (because the melee range in PvP was extended by leeway or as Kalgan called it “slush.”

Leeway has ALWAYS existed in WoW. WoW has never ever existed in a state without it and you’re not going to change that by making a bunch of posts that show you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Might also want to stop insulting my intelligence.

I wish they would cut the batching… idk how many times I’ve loh and BoP nothing because a target I see as alive is dead in the batch.

This happened to me for the first time on my alt mage the other day…blinked and ended up dead at the end of/after my blink…


I don’t think that the general argument is that it didn’t exist…but that it is should be dialed back just a bit?

Wow there really is some kind of collective brain damage in all heartseeker alliance players.

You just gave me a link that says they removed the deadzone. Why did you link this? we are talking about leeway. Do you know the difference between those? Can you write it out for me hun?

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But why? Why should it be dialed back a bit? It’s currently correct, there’s zero evidence that it’s not correct.

WoTLK leeway:

Blue post explaining Leeway during MoP:

My screenshots comparing MAXIMUM leeway range in a controlled environment:

VS a Vanilla PvP video showing leeway in combat, which means it’s incredibly unlikely to be the absolute maximum range, yet it looks very similar to the above screenshot in terms of distance:

There’s plenty of people on various forums attempting to argue that it didn’t exist. No amount of evidence will convince these people otherwise because they have no interest in the truth, only in getting the game to play the way they want it to.

Sure, I’ll attempt to explain the very basic post to you.

Kalgan says the Deadzone was an attempt to stop Hunters from shooting in melee range. He then goes on to say it didn’t really work because there’s that “little bit of slush built in.”

That slush he’s talking about, that’s leeway with a different name. Blizzard has already confirmed leeway is working correctly:

So that little arrow that they drew between them proves your point…

Lmao…okay dude.

Compared to the zero evidence you people are posting? Yeah, yeah it does. Also, if you weren’t completely and utterly at the mercy of your confirmation bias, you’d see he was taking melee auto attacks by looking at his player frame.

#megathread lol

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I have no evidence, no…but that little arrow doesn’t tell you anything specific about the details of how much or to what degree leeway played…like at all…

There are no numbers or any sort of range to go with your cute little arrow…it just proves that it did exist…that’s all.

You can use your eyes and compare it to the videos showing the maximum leeway range on Classic.

your random post about “slush” is somehow hard evidence? lmao.


That isn’t totally objective or arbitrarily inaccurate or anything…/s

Lmao thanks for the laugh though dude.

You thought leeway was a Legion mechanic, here’s hard evidence of it existing during MoP:

Your posts are void.