It is nearly impossible to unlock void elves and lightforge drainei in shadowlands


I’ve recently come back to WOW after a long break since Warlords of Drainei. When creating a new character I saw the void elves, and immediately wanted to main one. I found that all i needed to do was a quest series from legion. Simple enough right? very very very wrong.

The requirements to get these void elves:
-Complete the " you are now prepared" achievement
-Complete a short allied race quest

The “you are now prepared” process is shadowlands is riddled with problems. I’ll break down getting it into smaller steps

  1. Achieve a character of at least 50 to unlock Chromie
  2. Undergo the broken shore quest line to unlock the legion playing area
  3. Level up to 45 and acquire the quest uniting the isles from Khadgar in Dalaran.
  4. Complete the quest- it requires getting at least friendly in the many factions in the legion. For some reason it didnt require all of them for me to turn them in though.
  5. Speak with Khadgar at Krasus landing to start a different quest
  6. Finally speak to khadgar again to get directed to stormwind where vereesa windrunner will bring you to argus.
  7. Finish the Argus quest line detailed here


  1. Chromie will not allow you to do these quests once you are 50, she cuts you off from her time travel.

  2. If you start these quests at 45, you wont be able to finish the argus quests because you will reach 50. The work around here is cutting off your XP in stormwind.

  3. Chromie is glitchy, travelling through instances some times take you back to present time, but she will still think you’re in the legion expansion. Contacting khadgar was extremely frustrating because of this. My best method was to reset it, ask her to take me to present time and then go back to legion, and then use the dalaran hearth stone.

  4. The quest “where they least expect it” in the argus quest line is almost impossible. They designed legion invasions as pseudo raids, with the idea that people will group up and do them together in groups of at least 10. Since no one beyond 50 can time travel, then you cannot be carried. Alternatively you can do it, if you have 9 other like minded people that jumped through these ridiculous hoops to get to this point do it raid style.

I am now stuck at this point. I’ve found two others with their XP turned off fighting to get a void elf. We gave up.

We beg you, please just include allied races like these, or drop the invasion quest requirement. OR OR OR here is an idea- allow us to use chromie after level 50. I really want to play a void elf and come back to wow, but with the way this is going im losing confidence.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about re: Chromie. Why would you need to time travel rather than just go to the location in question?

I just did the entire Argus questline yesterday and today (and still can’t make a Void Elf or Lightforged Draenei because character creation bug won’t let me see them, lolsob) after not having played since early Legion. Logged into my level 45 character, talked to Khadgar to get the quest to go to Argus, did the chain. When I got to invasion portals, I asked for help and one level 60 friend came over on the Vindicaar and dropped down to join me in the portal I was attacking, killed the boss, peaced out, and I finished the rest of the chain.

I never interacted with Chromie or time travel for any of this. Why would one need to?

Can you explain how you got to vindicaar without chromie? My understanding was i need those light portals, but they only appear when i go back in time with chromie.

No, you definitelly don’t need Chromie for that, in fact you’re making it more difficult to yourself because you’re forcing mobs to your level when you can do everything at max level which would be a lot faster as mobs wouldn’t aggro as much and mobs in the starcraft world are quite annoying.

The portal to the starcraft world is unlocked as by doing a quest that the alliance mage kargath or something gives you that you have to do in Exodar. After that you have to do a lot of quests which will be easy at max level.

In fact you are lucky that you get to do it now because they dropped the reputation requirements.

Yeah I recently completed unlocking the Lightforged without using Chromie. Just make sure you go to the correct Dalaran that is in the Legion zone and you should be able to get the appropriate quests and go from there.

Yeah, I’m at the final boss for the instance on my shaman, and I’m getting one-shot each time.

Anyone wanna group up to try and beat it?

Any chance you could help me with mine? That final demon is no fun at level 47

Hi guys,
They are right. It is a bit confusing, but you can take the portal to azsuna and then use the griffon to go to Dalaran. Despite not being in chromie time, it will still be legion dalaran. There is a difference. Your dalaran hearthstone takes you to present dalaran, which lacks the questing stuff you need. To complete the invasion i had a buffed up lvl 50 run me through it after posting in general. I’m not alone with the chromie though process, there are some shadowlands void elf guides that suggest you do chromie style like the one i used:

So moral of the story: get on your 50+ character and get there through the aszuna portal to do it opposed to going through the hoops i mentioned. Hope this helps.


I don’t know what you are thinking about Chromie, but; I just completed all the requirements for Void Elf & getting ready to complete the light forged final quests.
All you have to do is complete the Required material and walla

You’re replying to an 18 month old post.

And it’s “voila”, not “walla”.

there is a way. got to do the quest what it says. if you do them, it will be unlocked and they will be playable. just follow what it says.

i just recently opened them both. I was so lost but I found a guy on youtube that does a 100% walk through of what you need to do. If it wasn’t for that I would be lost

this definitely isn’t “nearly impossible,” I managed it in all of 2 days coming back right before the new expansion