It’s Time for The Great Push and WoW Variety Show!

T&E are bae.

The Great Push better feature lots of fiber.

:surfing_man: :surfing_woman:

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Truth hurts.

These are a waste of resources.

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Wait until you all find out this cost ya a raid tier.
Maybe even 2.

i’d stop doing that and put all that money into the actual game but you do you bub

surely there are better ways to get your name out there/advertise.

ppl remember ozzy and mrt more than a decade later. they’ll forget about this within 10 days lol

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The Great Push? If you want to Push it, add a little Salt-N-Pepa.

Man…appreciate the reference. It’s been years since I’ve heard that. I bought Wisconsin Death Trip wayyyy back in the day. One of my first CDs lol.

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Hard pass.

Now, when are you all going to pull your heads out of (well, we know where heads are traditionally pulled from at the end of that question) and revert the Soar Nerf and put the Slimecat in LFR. Tired of getting rejected on my main despite 268 gear level.

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Man I know that’s right. It’s ridiculous.

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BDK, Priest, Hunter, Warlock - all almost all teams.
So much variety.

the locks/survs nerfs were too smoll apparently. they very much are still meta lol

as a pugging rogue i end up with a surv and lock ~90% of the time. can’t just be a coincidence :wink: