It’s Time for The Great Push and WoW Variety Show!


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Can you push out news about Classic pre-patch? That would be great!

Blizzard should relax the restrictions on MDI teams. Let them stack specs!

Who cares about some mythic garbage and a show full of crap fix the game before doing this stuff.

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All I can hear when I see it is Salt N Pepa

Great push it real good!

The great push of players out of the game so Blizzard can shut it down keep doing the stupid stuff and this great push will indeed push players away from this once great game.


No, otherwise we would have the most recent +30 timed who featured…dun dun dun!!! 3 survival hunter DPS…every single match would be the top 3 DPS in existence.

Such. A. Stupid. Name.

No offense

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No thanks I have my own toilet.

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I know. The commentary would be hilarious.

For the love of God, change the name of the Great Push. It sounds like the contest is constipated.


The Great Push is what I’m forced to do whenever I eat Chipotle.


struggles to care

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I’m sure I’m not changing anyone’s mind here but if you even have a slight interest in watching the game played to its limit but don’t like MDI, this is a really good format

damn all the love and warmth on the replies

I’m not certain you have to ‘push’ after eating Taco Bell… but yes I do agree that the comedy is built right into that name.

Ahh yes the Esport fail that you needed to give ppl a shameless title to even view it. :rofl:

Lets see ,we got the aoe cap from this before, I wonder what we will get now ?

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Wonder if Donny and Marie will be performing in the Variety show…

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No interest in either. Focus more on the game and not this kind of…stable-sweepings.