It’s 2014, again

You just got done gearing up through Ashran and BGs. You check out twitch and watch Nessper for a little bit. Kids and twitch chat are shouting “nerf combat!” Pfft git gud, nerds.

Hop into arena with the boys. Spam SS like crazy. Red-buff is up. F’Yeah it’s time.

16 second stun lock chain commenced. Red-Buff Killing spree and watch the health chunk away.

The win is secured. :sunglasses:

God I miss WoD and Combat.


Actually I was watching Bailamos have mental breakdowns in RBGs.


Also very entertaining.

I miss WoD Subtlety spec. I was having a blast queuing as Subtlety when everyone else made the fotm switch to Combat or (later, in S3) Assassination.