Issue with Characters not being updated on Third Party Sites

I know this technically is not a issue with blizzard but i wanted to post and see if anything has had a similar issue or even a work around.

This Started about 3 to 4 weeks ago.

At First My Main Character could not be found in the armory by doing a search. Usually when i search him he is the second or third option on the main page.

Since my characters could not be found websites like RaiderIO and WoWProgress could not find me either.

I gave it a couple weeks and finally put a ticket in and they managed to fix it so he can be found by search now but he still doesn’t show up on the front page like he use to.

But even now websites like raiderio and wowprogess can’t find me. the only thing i have not done is make a account on one of them sites and connect my account and i really don’t want to do that. it’s worked totally fine for years for me and it just suddenly stopped working. If you go to my guild on raiderio it doesnt even show me being in the guild and the mythic+ runs they do show my character but if you highlight over it. it will say “Character Transfered/Race Changed” which out of my17 years of playing i have NEVER done ever.

I know there’s probably not much blizzard can do but i just wanted to report this and hopefully someone will see it and know what to do.