ISO: Three Score


Unsure of who browses these forums anymore, I decided to reach out to my former server-mates to see if there are any stragglers from Three Score (Vanilla wow) left here. Three Score was a raiding/PVP guild lead by High Warlord Gauss (Tauren Warrior).

I was a core raider within Three Score, on this toon. We were Horde in vanilla, and my time with the guild we cleared through a few bosses in Naxx40.


Any other Three Score alumni left?


Haven’t seen Gauss in years. When he would invade Stormwind, he usually had a healer named Whirlwinder (or something close to that). I saw him/her on a year-ish or so ago. Good luck with your search!

Sorry, I’m no help, I was a Durotan Hoard refuge when Arygos started.

Finding friends from vanilla isn’t easy any more, the realm forums are somewhat dead now.

Just here to bump this and wish you luck.

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I haven’t seen any of the old Three Score types, for many years, but miss the days of Llane server pvp. You got to really know who you were fighting. I remember being nuked by Spaz with his double trinket chain lightnings, quite well! lol

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Telchar is Torvald, btw. Used to be in a bunch of old Llane guilds, including For The Lose, pvp guild.

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Gauss wrote a book “When Chaos Comes to Claim Our Souls.” I don’t expect him to return to WoW.


Thanks for the info. Couldn’t help but tweet to him :smiley:.

@Torvald, I definitely remember FTL. Always dreaded getting into a WSG with them, as they won most of the time. I remember Murphtwo, a nightelf hunter, and I remember two-shotting him. :slight_smile:

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That Murphtwo made me laugh pretty hard, forgot about that guy

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Yo Synorax! I don’t know if you remember me :slight_smile: Shammy officer for 3Score and one of Gauss’ pocket healer in WSG lol. I don’t play wow anymore but I will give Classic a try.


Hey bud! I remember you! Join my disc!

The guild name has no relation to the llane guild :slight_smile:

Hey guys, Milwaukee here, plenty of friendly faces here. Found this discussion super randomly.

This brings good memories. When a bunch of us got hacked during christmas, our Nef struggle and first kill, that time when Gauss recruited a shaman called Faunus and all us shammy left the guild or when Reom , as the last one standing, killed Vael with a frost shock.

I’m currently on Fairbanks with a server transfer available. I’m trying to lure Zogzog back in but he resists alot lol.

Hey Synorax, just wanted to let you and anyone else reading this know that I was the poor soul that inherited Three Score by chance after befriending Gauss near the end of LK. I joined on when raiding stopped around when we couldn’t get 25Lk down during 3.4. A lot of people from Llane probably don’t know me but I was very active in Immortal Souls/Mirdautas Vras (I think? Alumni of Nott Voror as well) When Gauss quit WoW he gave all his gold away we played a bunch of Diablo 3 for a couple years, I was active on Arygos(A) during this time GMing for Dignitas (By complete chance we got server linked…). He’s not around often but I keep the guild intact for posterity. As for the roster it’s pretty barren with a lot of deprecated character names. Some of the oldest logouts are from 7 years ago and the newer activity is from Stacey, Brad and my brother Khulk. I suspect everyone has families now or has moved on. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

Hey I remember some of those names :slight_smile: I was Jamethy a tauren shaman. I am playing on Grobbulu now, if there are any Three Score peeps there horde side hit me up!

I used to raid with Three Score on my Rogue Deadheart in vanilla. I remember Gauss and Reom. Now im playing classic.

Seeing that many digits to Pi almost brought a tear to my eye!

I use Raid with the guild back In the day of black temple and tempest keep. I remember we got the first warglave and the ashes of alar drops.

I do remember reom also haha, good times!!