Is WoW ugly?

I like his in-game cutscene model, he looks older and more mature, his in-game model itself, oh man, now that’s terrible.

Have you seen his HotS model? that’s a perfect translation of his CGI model to a game IMO.

At least his current in-game number has a somewhat reasonable polygon count. His MoP model that stretched a lanky low poly teen model over the hulky vanilla human male skeleton was awkward as hell and just a step better than that TBC Kalecgos model they keep using.


Tru tru he just looks a smidge too beefy to me. I mean duh it makes sense. He’s older and he wears heavy armor. I get it. I think it’s how his hair looks or his eyebrows.

Those are some thick eyebrows.

That was nightmarish yeah. Old Wrathion wasn’t much better.

Oh I looked at a comparison of his models. I get it. His face is too square compared to his cgi model. It kinda makes him look not human to me. But at the same time I get it which is weird.

Without Reshade(dot)me? Yes.

I think that face squareness comes from his in-game/cutscene model being the normal human model with some extra customization, just as most of the in-game rendered cutscenes have been. They should give him a custom head sculpt.

Right? He goes from “So basically I’m baby” in cgi to Trogg Butt Face in game lol

Classic looks ugly, yes.

Retail looks good.

It’s all about working your style to it’s potential, this isn’t hyper realistic but cartoon. Upping the resolution and staying true to the style is the trick.

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Naw, come on! We gots Void purple. We gots Fel green! We gots glowing pink spaceships for goat-people!

Troll hair alone is beautiful.

I like to think WoW has a huge variety of looks, from drab and grim to wildly colorful.

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All of those games will look horrible in a few years.

ESO’s scrappy and far less professional graphics will not hold up at all (player avatars look and animate horrendously). Guild Wars 2 already looks scrappy. I’ve already explained how the environments won’t hold up in FF, neither will the armour.

It’s mostly because all these games use transient effects which are very much of their time, such as bump mapping and the like-- these things do not date well because they are in a constant state of upgrading. By not having any advanced effects WoW has an artistic vivid and flat look which lends itself to a timeless ‘cartoon in motion’ effect.

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WoW is pretty competitive graphically with other semi-recent MMORPGs as long as you’re comparing current expansions to the other games. It only falls apart when you include out of date areas that wouldn’t be feasible to keep on par with the modern art all the time.

If you just mean art style, no I don’t think WoW is ugly by any means. Warcraft is ugly. But I think WoW’s interpretation has done well.

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You can keep that weeb looking FF14 to yourself.

ESO sucks though. Their combat is probably the worst of any MMORPG I’ve ever played in.

Old WoW was ugly as sin.
Current WoW has come a long way and some of the things they have now is impressive. When I look at the level of detail in some of my new pets compared to some of my older ones, it’s night and day. That’s just one example.

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It’s pretty much the exact same as WoW except once in while you swing your sword sword. On this shaman I use mainly 4 abilities most of the time, the rest is just fluff.

No, wow looks fine and it’s graphics will age a lot better then the ‘hyper’/photo realistic mmos.

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Probably Yes for current generations.
But personally? I don’t care.
I’ve been playing a few mmos - all of them had high-quality graphics, non-targeting combat systems, quite good musics. Coz those were the criteria when I chose mmos before. I’m Korean, there are tons of mmos in my country with top-notch graphics.

But didn’t play them long coz I got bored somehow. No… you know, how accurate the graphics are, they are not real anyway. Without the support of good story or lore, or characters, you just lose imagination at some point and don’t feel attracted to the world anymore. Just start to feel sick and tired of grindings.

Well I might have some problems with Vanilla level graphics (no offense!), but current wow? It’s lovely. I even prefer cutscene Anduin to cinematic cutie.
That is why I’ve emphasized the importance of lore so much and they seem to just NOT LISTEN!!
Wow has a unique feature in combat - raids -, but it’s not easy for casuals or newbies to access to. Even LFR. Unless Blizz change the basic engine for graphics, the only competitive point wow has now in the market is the lore, and they just DON’T LISTEN!!
That’s why even seemingly meaningless and repetitive faction division is needed. Those give you the feeling that you belong to somewhere.

You know, killing old characters and introducing new ones? Removig faction division? Should be very careful. New ones don’t have any lore or history. If Blizz keep doing this, the wow lore will be gradually reduced to the normal plain story plots that almost every mmos in the world have. I don’t think the only new and historic character - Anduin - can fill that void.

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I prefer a cartoony look.

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This is a bizarre metric of comparison, IMO.

The three of these are as stylistically different from each other as each of them individually is from WoW. I wouldn’t call any of them “shiny and pretty” although FFXIV comes close with its clean anime style. Of the three, ESO is also quite rough and rugged depending on what zone you’re in. The same can be said for WoW, tbh.

I mean, it’s hard to wander through the streets of Suramar and think “man, this sure is rough and rugged.” At least it is for me.

Honestly, I think this is kind of a weird complaint.