Is WoW still the #1 MMO?

I can’t think of any other MMO having more players than WoW, we’ve been #1 for over 15 years now in the MMO scene.

I don’t think any other MMO can really compete.

From the data points that we have access to, probably. FFXIV had a small stint but that clearly faded. OSRS is making a comeback but it probably won’t come close to WoW.


Honestly hard to say if it is number 1. However is it still way more populated than most MMOs? Yes.

Is it my game of choice? :100:

(I play FFXIV on and off too, but OCE is well and truely dead so I have no one to do content with).


Runescape has 3x the amount of players and XIV has at least double.


Pretty sure these are bots, WoW doesn’t have that many bots…

No one knows and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Until every MMO in existence tells you how many subscribers they have, we won’t know. Blizzard deal in MAU’s, which is not the same and does not indicate how many unique subs we have, years ago FF14 came out and said some sub number, but when you read into it they were referring to how many unique subscribers they have had since the game was released, not currently active.

The only people who know how many active subs there are, are the companies themselves and fact is none of them ever divulge that information anymore.


Too many variables.
Bots, Multibox, and WoW now has multiple versions.
Tried to lookup how much active players on WoW, but I doubt there’s 139million… maybe there’s that many created characters.


I’m pretty sure we’re all waiting for AoC or the Riot game to come out and fail so we can come back to WoW and complain about how all other MMOs are mid


People throw this MAU word around, what exactly is it and how do we know Blizzard uses it?

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It’s monthly active users bro lmao


Probably? The only thing that’d realistically be competing with it for the #1 spot is FFXIV and that game’s peak hype has clearly died down as well post-Endwalker launch. And MAYBE OSRS?

If not any of those three, then what? New World? That game died a month after launch. The Riot MMO and Ashes of Creation aren’t anywhere close to launching and AoC being a PvP-centric MMO has quickly made the hype surrounding it fall off hard for most MMO fans.

In short they count an MAU (Monthly Active User) as someone who logs into ANY of the games under each umbrella at least once in a quarter.

So for example King Games has Candy Crush, I log into CC today and it counts me as 1 MAU for King Games Q4 2022-23, even if I just log in once and do nothing but close the game straight away.

So if I log into Hearthstone, it counts me as 1 MAU for Blizzard. If I log into CoD it counts me as 1 MAU against Activision. And if I log into WoW, COD, HS and CC all in the same quarter I get counted as 2 MAU against Blizzard, 1 against Activision and 1 against King Games.

So them coming out saying Blizzard have 32 million MAU’s could mean 31 million Hearthstone users who logged in once.


No probably not but is among the top competitors like probably could of been if Blizzard stuck to what made Warcraft good subverting tropes but instead they catered to Alliance players and made the Horde cruel and evil monsters.

Like BFA SHOULD of been a return to that with the horde being on the defensive which is what this trailer implied but instead got Garrosh 2.0 but Sylvanas.

It’s literally impossible to tell, none of these companies release reliable data, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.


With no numbers available, it is difficult to tell. Dragonflight has its ups and downs like all WoW expansions.

If we’re comparing it to FFXIV, the general gist I get from that game (from my friends who play it) the current expansion is ok. It’s not bad, just ok.

From the outside looking in, FFXVI looks really good and it seems that they moved some of the folks that made FFXIV successful over to the their single player RPG to make a good game. So perhaps they are tied at the moment.

I hope they’re both stellar. I hope they’re so good that ActiBlizzSoft feels backed into a corner and starts pumping more muscle into WoW so it can step up in quality. Then we, as consumers, have 3 excellent MMOs to choose from.

Aren’t you supposed to go back to being toxic in the game such as Mythic dungeons are only for speed players?


AoC is destined to fail. It will either never actually release or it will never live up to the expectations of almost a decade’s worth of development. It’s a mere pet project that has become a meme.

The riot MMO is following suit, with us still knowing absolutely nothing about the game years after the announcement.

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Me too brother just pessimistic. I’ve played what feels like dozens of “WoW killers” at this point lmao

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It lost its #1 spot years ago lol and hasn’t come back