Is Wednesday my dudes

Woo Wednesday!

Going to be a long time to keep hope up if you’re wanting Blizzard to make SV strong and interesting.

Okay here we go, class changes are posting. Druid and paladin so far. Let’s see here…

It’s a good day cuz it’s my Birthday! :grin::heart::tada::birthday::ice_cream:

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Monk updates!


Fingers still crossed for survival. :slight_smile:


Survival is the best designed and most well rounded spec Hunter has right now. Just need a few quirks ironed out in Shadowlands.

MM is as clunky as ever since they remade it in Legion and BM will fall off big times without borrowed powers, no more spammable Barbed Shot and near constant uptime on Bestial Wrath as getting to 60% of unbuffed crit will be impossible in SL (secondary stats will be capped).

Its going to be interesting to see how fast people will wake up to that fact in SL.

Hunter’s only change for this update was a nerf to the overpowered tar trap Legendary (I ain’t mad about it, I would have hated to have that lego as my BiS)

But still kinda sad we got ignored once again.

Hey at least the good news is Blizz finally remenbered Monks are a thing! hopefully the changes are good ^^

Does Tranq Shot still requires an axe? I’m a bit sad but not surprised about the Leggo.

Two-handed weapon. We literally got no other updates other than the leggo nerf.

Survival hunter got their focus regeneration bug removed! There is hope yet!


Good to see them noticing and taking action. There is still time to put these classes and specs into a better place Blizz lets make all characters enjoyable.

I’m very happy about it ^^

I would really like some actual updates to Survival but at least It makes me smile to know that my spec won’t be unplayable as it was before in the PTR

Happy Birthday!! :birthday::ice_cream: It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday today as well. :slight_smile:

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People celebrating Birthdays in My thread and not offering me any cake are evil and should be hit with a soggy potato.

(>T.T)> I want cake

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pushes cake towards you :cake: :slight_smile:

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just like how the surname “Favre” is pronounced ’ “farve” that rhymes with carve’ ?

in-game you’ll catch me saying “storm guard” for Stromgarde :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. And metaphysically speaking, neither of these things even exist! So why should we be expected to memorize both the spelling and pronunciation of things that don’t exist?

Wild…are you wearing your birthday suit!!!.
2 pieces of cake for Wild!

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I’d give you cake if I could, but alas it would go bad in the mail. Not my birthday but we do have people gathered at my house for my wife’s grandfather’s 103rd birthday.