Is TWW going to be the true pvp xpac?

are we finally getting a pvp xpac?



can you elaboate


i dont understand can you calrefy?

it’ll def be interesting to see if rated solo BGs can attract the casual/mythic+ crowd

Much better pvp entry point than arena tbh

The answer is clearly no. Rather then fix mmr. Blizzard decided that the glad mount should suck so no one cares about it.

Bgb might be a thing, but I am calling s3 numbers of tww to be insanely bad, and s2 to be as bad as current s3 is. S1 might rival or even surpass s1 df though.


I think it was the first expansion reveal at blizzcon that didnt talk about pvp for even 1 second.


I mean, BGB looks really good. I’ll probably be playing that a ton. First seasons are also a lot more alive compared to what we have to deal with right now.

We don’t even know if the bat is the mount, though. :dracthyr_love_animated:

if it was a pvp focused expansion its first objective would be putting dozer on a moon base

on europa


We don’t “know”, but we know.

You know what killed my delusion that they gave any crap about arena? For dragonflight all they did was recolor the sets, added 2 mount models they recolored, and then 4 seasonal mounts, and 1 arena. 4 enchants.

For 2 years of content. That’s it. And it’s actually been like that for a very long time. If this was a stand alone game it would so obviously be on matianece mode.

Arena is the pet battling of pvp.

Can you specify what you mean with a true pvp xpac? What are the requirements for that?

having good mmr inflation? idk im just a casual

MMR seems fine with the exception of healers in shuffle.

It’d be neato if it were fine earlier in the season, though.

No it’s about the war within not with other players

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Dozer giving up on even pretending to troll in favor of abjectly begging for replies to his posts huh

With god’s grace may he eventually find grass to touch


how so? can you elaborate

if tww is about ptsd, they should stop suspending me for talking about ramadi