<Is Trash> Sunday/Monday heroic raid team is recruiting players!

We’re a small pve and pvp guild recruiting player for both raid and rbg team. All players welcome!! If you would like a chill, laidback experience then come on down!! Heres a little more about us

Guild & Server: [Is Trash] - Stormrage - US
Raid times/days: Sunday/Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm EST
Current progression: None, we’re a fresh guild building our roster but raid lead has aotc exp :slightly_smiling_face:
Recruitment contacts: Disc-wakko5370
Bnet- Wakko#11921
Requirements: Bring a positive attitude, dont rage or be toxic towards guild members, players with heroic or aotc exp preferred but not required, know your class and basic mechanics of fights. Other than that we’re a pretty chill guild
Needs: Heals and DPS

We are also recruiting for our rbgs team!! RBGs are Wednesday 4pm-6pm EST

Edit- We are looking for Recruitment Officers for the guild. Its a major need since we are new and are trying to fill our raid and rbg team. If you’d like to be one pls dm me and i will explain in detail the responsibilities of that role


I’m looking to raid at the time you listed. Can i join? I am a multiple AOTC raider with raid lead experience. Do you have a WoW community?