Is torghast even really random?

I’ve had to leave before and switch specs forgetting to do so before entering, and the first anima powers are always the same. that kind of goes against the basic principle of rogue likes which it’s clearly trying to emulate, are these runs really as random as they want us to think or are they all just carefully crafted to feign randomness?

I’ve wondered that myself.
Iirc, there was a post where they said they were improving the spells available to us.
My bear druid has gotten the same.exact.spell choices the last 4 times I did Torghast.
Luckily I can manage with racking up the buff from souls and slowly gnawing an enemy to death.
But where is this improvement we were supposed to get.

And yes, I have the Torghast upgrades from Venari before that gets brought up.
Just bland, do-nothing powers…

From my understanding it’s all seeds, which is how all rogue likes worked to my knowledge. As for powers that just to be a common thing it seems, I’ve ran with friends who get the same starting options three times in a row while everyone else is different each time. /shrug

I’ve seen entire floors that were identical to ones I’ve run before. So, not so random.

The starting powers will always be the same and will only reset upon killing the 1st floor boss , so you don’t fish for a perfect starting power .

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Torghast isn’t random, it always sucks.

Eh the first run I did today had all defensive powers as the first choice, but my friend I was helping forgot to go resto so we backed out. the second run had Orbit breaker and other things that weren’t Orbit breaker.

They seem random

It’s possible we made it this far, I know we did some before we left.

Torghast really isn’t a roguelike. You have the anima powers, but thats it. It would be more roguelike if you went in without talents or spells and those are what you picked up along the way. You would start out with 1 or 2 basic abilities, like FB and FN for mage.

Hotfix not too long ago.

It doesn’t seem like it. A lot of the floors feel the same as they have in past weeks. My first anima power feels random. Sometimes I get a nice epic dmg one and sometimes it’s nothing but defensives.

The first dozen times it is. After that it’s pretty familiar. Still not bad except it’s 90% tedium followed by a mediocre boss fight.

entrance anima powers are always same unless you reset the floor by reaching second floor.

Uhh… no?

Torghast is fully rogue-like as the levels are procedurally generated. That’s all that’s required for a game to be rogue-like, that the levels you go through have some randomness to them every time, and while you may encounter idential rooms (such as the large, arching curved corridor or the spiral staircase with multiple floors) they are often set in such a way that you never encounter them in the exact same place, so unless your level generation is extremely poor the odds of running the same exact level (outside of scripted levels such as the ones created by quests like saving Baine/Jaina/Thrall) is very small.

But you start with a full kit of abilities and talents and just pick up buffs along the way. You don’t start with every weapon in the game in roguelikes, you pick up weapons and abilities along the way.

All rogue-likes require are procedurally generated levels.

Even games like Slay the Spire and Hades allow you to keep what you’ve earned in previous runs, you just start from the beginning and the levels are random each time.