Is this the best RP server for Horde?

So we’re not allowed to even suggest that we’ve had issues in the past with Moon-guardians coming in and whinging at us for suggesting their Horde population was less busy than ours? Man, what -can- we do without getting told we’re being terrible people?

Facts really are apparently terrifying. Sorry to be so scary.

Ahem Point stands, though. Ignore the forum drama, it’s not wholly representative of what you’ll find ingame. Test out both servers and see what you like more!


And this is absolutely fair. People’s experiences will differ. I’ve personally seen very heated arguments erupt on MG’s forums over the state of their RP and I’ve logged in repeatedly to find places like Orgrimmar to be total graveyards. But there must be some variance in experience or it wouldn’t be a debate.

That said, WrA’s Horde seems far and away more vibrant and active as a general thing.


This is why we need an ignore list, Blizzard.


I’ve had only one experience with Moon Guard’s Horde RP and it was so vile, hateful and slur-filled that it would make even our most grotesque members blush. Even if I do not outright agree with the sweeping statements made about their RP scene, I do find it easier to believe.

but I also feel that, if we codify that perspective into law in the court of public opinion, then it ultimately makes it harder for those guys to reinvigorate their own RP and, in doing so, clean up the kind of trash that I experienced, as we still struggle to do on our own server.

So while I am content to avoid Moon Guard Horde, I’m also willing to give them the room they need to do what they need to do.

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Don’t take advice from people on the forums.

Horde RP on wyrmrest is awesome come give us a try!


Hello friend and welcome! The best advice for anyone trying to choose a server is to test the waters. MG, WRA, and ED would be great places to plunk a fresh concept down during peak hours and see what you enjoy best!

As I write this I noticed your post in the MG forums and it looks like you’re toying with the idea of a Gobbo with the lovely Flashbang Exports! My Guild and I rp with them on a regular basis and they are always a load of fun! That being said if you do decide to remain MG side I am one of the admins of the Horde Reroll project and would happy to set you up with a starter package to hit the ground running! I’ll post a set of links in your MG post rather than spam them everywhere.

Whatever you decide I wish you the best for the future and I hope you find the perfect fit! :heart:


We just had a guild faire in the Drag of Orgrimmar last night. Several guilds, all lining up with their members, banners and every other eye-catching displays they could muster in order to sell themselves to potential recruits.

Edit: Someone took a screenshot, in case you want to see. The spotlight is us: Firebrand Enterprises.

It was amazing! I don’t know how many people were in actual attendance in total, but they were bumping shoulder to shoulder from the Transmog building all the way to the Valley of Wisdom. Firebrand Enterprises was out there as well- passing out our information, telling people about our company, and directing potential new hires to the Orgrimmar office in order to conduct/schedule interviews.

We garnered nearly a dozen new members alone last night! I’ve got several more interviews to conduct this evening based on the interest we generated.

People are out there, and they want to RP. Population (or lack thereof) means nothing if people aren’t actually out there engaging one another, trying to tell stories, and running/attending events. I can’t compare my experiences to much else, but in this past year and a half, I’ve never really logged into the game and found a day where absolutely nothing was happening.


me next baby :wink:


I knew it.

Yeah, I can get that people describing their (lack of) experiences with Horde RP is kind of puts the people that are trying to grow it in a rough spot; it’s either let people be truthful and only solidify the perception that Hordeside is dead, or…ask people to lie about their experiences.

So I guess we should also say that there doesn’t really need to be a huge community of Horde RP for someone to feel like there’s RP to be had; all you really need is a critical mass. You can only interact and make connections with so many, after all.


I feel there’s a way to be truthful and honest while still pointing out where things are lacking.

I think the diplomatic way would be to say that WrA’s Horde RP is a house with many rooms and MG’s Horde RP has strong foundations to build upon.

This is both good and bad because half of our rooms are full of sneering malcontents sitting on their computers angrily typing about Alliance in r/LokTarProblems

My only problem with the Alliance is the multitude of hammers they try to hit me with.


And real talk, someone may enjoy the smaller or different community type that Moon-Guard has H-side. I know I can’t go anywhere near the tail when people are around because my brain starts melting.

They’re just more guild oriented than public oriented, to my understanding. Which is fine. Probably should suggest that more, if that’s the case.

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I think what made it so offputting and frustrating was that the dialogue would often consist of the following:

[Concerned Person]: Yeah I was just wondering why Orgrimmar seems 100% empty
[Thing 1]: …Uh. :slight_smile: RP is where you make it. :slight_smile: It’s happening literally everywhere what are you talking about you idiot. :slight_smile:
[Thing 2]: Nothing is wrong with Moon Guard you’re the one with the problem shut up and get out forever

Like, I want to say I’m just exaggerating for absurd or comical effect? But I’m not. The dialogue is so frustrating because the response is, or was, almost immediately hostile and dismissive. It seems to me that it’s unrealistic to expect to grow a community, or revitalize it, when every observation is met with that kind of scorn. Maybe sometimes RP is where you choose to make it, but there has to be someone else nearby to shape it with.

And there is RP still happening in guilds. It’s not an outright dead server/faction, but I don’t see how its walk-up scene can improve until there’s not a knee jerk boiling of rage every time it comes up.

Yes. I’ll admit I’m not typically prone to shaping things in diplomatic ways. But I’m so tired and one just… loses the energy to re-frame what would otherwise be a direct statement.

I can understand the sentiment though, as I’ve experienced an incident on the forums where someone complained that there was nobody in the Valley of Honor. I just so happened to be was sitting on the porch of the Wyvern’s Tail -and had been for over an hour- and was able to count no fewer than two dozen other players with TRP accounts within Nameplate range. It was round midday on a weekday. Not even close to “prime time”.

I RP’ed in WoW for many years and never really attended any of the large server-wide events until only a year or so ago and now I’m actively invited to them. If you had asked me if WrA were an active server 2 years ago, I might have shrugged because all I ever did was walk up RP and a couple things with a small guild I was a member of before it collapsed or I lapsed in play.

MY RP calendar has never been so full in nearly a decade- and WoW RP is supposedly at its absolute nadir.

I suppose perception is everything, which is what makes these kinds of questions/answers so tricky and why so much of it really does come down to “try it and see”.

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On Moon Guard?

This was on WrA.

Okay then that’s different. Yes, perspective matters? And I did say some may have different experiences on Moon Guard, but lots of people have noticed how quiet Orgrimmar and other places have become. That stops being subjective and becomes an issue of “how can this be helped.”

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Anyone who says WrA isn’t the best RP realm for Horde is wrong and should feel bad. WrA rocks on both sides and no one else can compare.


WrA is the premier Horde RP realm. You won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

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As an Alliance Moonguardian main. Yes the Horde is half dead over there and I don’t know why some people are being so rude about it. I klnow as I have levelled alts on WM through the entire thing without a Horde griefing me, I have sat in Orgrimmar on my Horde alts waiting for Rp and seeing an minority of people.

It may not be deader then a graveyard, but compared to WrA Horde (Which is where I am spending all my RP time at,) it is crashing towards it. Even Alliance on both MG and WrA don’t hold up to the candle of what I have seen on WrA Horde in comparison. (MG Alliance Cathedral used to be busy as Horde WrA, now not so much).

Sorry you had to deal with some people like that. Can’t speak for any other realms then MG and WrA but those are the two I can speak. Alliance Moonguard might be best for RP, WrA Horde is best for Horde side (Picture the fact I got nearly an all Horde of 14 characters on WrA, and then almost all Alliance on MG)

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