Is this server dead?

I used to play here a long time ago when I first started wow ( like 14 years ago) and I don’t remember it being so dead

The most people I’ve seen in org was 4 people, and 3 we level 20 allied races

What happened?? :frowning:

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Its pretty dead now but many former inhabitants are still around. What expansion did you leave BWR or take a break from wow during?

It’s dead. And loving it!

Alma - I remember your name. Never knew you much or met you (unless you were at Piratecon2012). I’ve been flirting with going back to the game, just to see what it feels like, in whatever form its currently in. I can’t imagine hopping servers, either. Too much history.

f it man just play. It takes some getting used to and the cutscenes are too long and boring but its worth it

Apparently so. I was looking to start over on a good RP realm but unfortunately I picked this one.

I am one who does not mind playing solo but when you go to Stormwind and see absolutely no one else there, it makes you wonder.

So I am here to stay. The character that is posting this no longer exists and I am just waiting for my new Dwarf to show up in my character list.