Is this realm growing or dying? I really can't tell

It don’t seem very active alliance side.

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Well, I’ll bite. Lol.

If it smells like a basket of rotten fen berries and it looks like a basket of rotten fen berries then it’s probably a basket of rotten fen berries and you should throw it out and pick a new basket of fen berries.

What’s your gut telling you? =)

Cheers. :v:


Everywhere is pretty dead on Retail. Blizz cant make new or interesting content that isnt just copy and paste over and over. They also have a pretty good habit lately of killing their own games, by releasing other games… Classic, Diablo…

This game just isnt the immersive world experience it once was, its a log in for few weeks, do the new chores then wait for the next patch game. (which makes you wonder if its worth 15 a month and 60 dollars every two years for that…)


When I came to the cut scene about Neltharion “locking up” the Dracthyr I had to do a double take and even then it didn’t stop the flashbacks of freeing the Demon Hunters in Legion. Lol.


Tbh, sharding gives it that sense of emptiness I think. Sometimes I end up on the most empty shard where it’s just myself and tumbleweed and others there is barely any standing room not occupied. I usually just join a group to come to a populated shard. I dont think its growing or dying, sharding just sucks the joy out of communities unfortunately.


Oh hi there Llu

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