Is this downtime to fix teleport/fly hacking?

Is this downtime to finally fix teleport / fly hacking thatvis used to bot black lotus / solo AQ raid?


Its to probably to change a color difference from the vanilla reference client on warrior t2.5 gear and to fix an issue on certain MAC/Linux users that causes water effects to render differently than in vanilla.

Like they would actually fix something as important as hacking lol.


They are adding in flying/teleporting to everyone but you I was told.


Sad but likely true.

This has been around since the beginning of classic and was in vanilla…you think they’re going to fix it now?

The downtime has nothing to do with classic.

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Classic WOW - where things don’t get fixed if they were not fixed 15 years ago…except somethings…but not these things. :huh?:


very likely (and hopefully).
Or… blizzard is implementing Naxx scripts and pre-patch changes.

If they are going to leave this, then they may as well let the Blood Plague leave ZG again.

I believe in your cause

But no.

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Hey, they need to fix the warrior shoulders. They are faded lighter than the rest of the pieces. It’s a serious bug.

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We all know this is something retail related and classic is just getting collateral damaged.

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Yes it does. If it didn’t, the classic servers would be up already, as in the past when retail or battlenet was getting a fix/patch that classic didn’t. Classic server came back up while retail was down.
Maybe its the pre-Naxx scourge invasion patch? I don’t know if they would announce that ahead of time ort not.

Wasn’t like the last wing of Naxx just released for testing on the PTR? Would seem kind of silly to start the Scourge Invasion event this early.

they have it fixed on about 99% of private servers both teleport / flyhack usually log you out immeditely and ban. u can petition and they’ll check your logs and decide if you get account back or not.

Yes it was your revolutionary 22 heart post about flyhacking that really woke Blizzard up after 16 years and they are ready to buckle down on flyhacking.

Yup they did and it was an extremely easy fix. They simple examined XYZ coordinate changes that were beyond typical mount/FP/ability modifiers and banned when exceptions were found. It was highly accurate and easy.

Blizzard intentionally is not fixing it. Why?

No. Saw them falling out of the sky into mara today after the maintenance


They actually used to ban gold sellers and buyers… You’re not wrong that it has always been there… just Blizzard isn’t doing anything about it now.


Yes, it’s fixed now. You can stop spamming.