Is there still anyon original from Blizzard?

Or Blizzard is just the name now?

Tom the janitor is still around


Blizzard has been just a name since Activison ate them.


Tom and Sam are still around.

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There 6 robots running things over there now , ion controls them . And the ceo guy rolls around in cash laughing.

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It’s always been just a name /shrug
I think Alan is still there.
But not sure what that changes lol

How about Salzman from Accounting?


Blizzard hasn’t been an independent company since 1994.


After 20 years of working on the same projects, some just need a change of scenery.
The change of employees is often good for a company: new points of view, new ideas, etc.

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It happens. developers get tired of the same stuff, or want to try out new content. Most of the people that made Final Fantasy the great series that it was have moved on to start their own companies for various reasons, but Square (Enix) still does their best to put out a good product. Even Sid Meier doesn’t have much to do with the games that have his name in front of them…

Sure, they’ll never be as good as their “salad days”, but they’re not that bad. Are they?

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^this. lol

Half of the people repeating this nonsense about “evil” Activision probably didn’t play their games back then or weren’t even born yet. lol


My favorite part is when players blame Activision for all the terrible decision Blizzard makes.

They’re Blizzard/Blizzard game directors decisions


Change is good. It’s why corporations go through reorgs every quarter to get rid of dead weights. It does mean that with most of the old guard gone, Blizzard is just another gaming developer now. They will have a lot to prove to live up to the old Blizzard name.

They have been just another gaming developer since before many posters on this forum were born.


Once upon a time- a few good men who graduated from UCLA were standing around and one said “Ya know what guys, I wanna make an mmorpg for the players, because they are what counts!”

No. That conversation was actually “Hey guys, wanna get rich?”

We talk about them like they are heroes.


^that. Players act like “old Blizzard” wasn’t a for-profit business.


They are heroes because the founders had a dream and made it happen. This applies to anyone who accomplish their goals.

From one of the young founder Mike Morhaime’s humble beginnings of a loan check from grandma of $15,000 into a gigantic company with gross bigger than some countries. Heroes come in all shapes and forms.

i was originally created in a vat at blizzard so yeah

Really? Cause I’ve never seen a story that suggests that. I am no white knight for those guys but there is a clear line of delineation between how things were early on and now. Acting like they are the same is pretty blind.

They can be for-profit business and still do a good job. Heck i’m a for-profit Dentist, but i want my patients to have the best service i can provide.

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