Is there still a chance to get 2500 rating?

According to the blue post you can get the achievements until before season 2 starts

I can’t find a solid answer. One wowhead post says it ends the week of may 2nd. Another says you can still earn rewards. Blizzard, as always, isn’t being clear.

Well that’s a banger, thank you!

I’ll get 2500 easy, now. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you can continue to progress toward any achievement with the exception of the “Thundering Hero” achievement and title.

I would consider anything less a very misleading statement based on what is in the blue post.

So mounts and transmogs are still up for grabs but the rating system is locked as of next week.

that’s what the blue post said

That’s not how I’m reading it, no.

The rating system is not locked as of next week, you are only locked from achieving ONE specific title and achievement.

Think you’re right. They need to add some.

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Everything is unlock except for the thundering hero title which is the 0.1% title

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Yes, they should.

Should they just recolor the raid set or should they actually provide a mog that is unique for M+?

Personally I lean toward the latter.

I mean, I’d def prefer a new set overall lol But realistically I think if they added a M+ set it’d be a recolor.

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TBH I dont mind what they’re doing. I think it’s fine having the same color as the raid set. The only thing I’d change is have a different aura tmog that they’ve given us at 2500 IO to differentiate raid and M+ and let us equip it on whatever tmog we have

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That’s fair. Recolor is the easier route. I’m mid (at best) in both raid and M+, so can’t say I’d hit the threshold for a unique mythic skin, but I think that would be peak as well.

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I’m up to 2459 now, so close. My 2, maybe 3 lowest tyrannicals should be enough to push me over after reset tomorrow.

I do like the system right now in that it allows us the same chance at the different colors of the set mogs as the different levels of raiding. My priest has full norm-mythic mogs; and my mage norm-heroic, with only having a couple downs at most on raid bosses. Most of those in normal. Though I suppose that’s probably why M+ doesn’t have it’s own color, now that I think of it. We’re not collecting Raid mogs. We’re collecting PvE set appearances. The feedback just makes them seem like raid rewards. Idk. I think I know what you mean about the aura. I think it’d be cool for all 3 pillars to have their own, tbh.

I feel that. I’m definitely middle of the road as well. But something I’ve found is I’m very cosmetic focused. When I started keys I only went up to KSH. But then they added gleamstone and I found myself pushing for that. I feel like something between KSH and .1% would feel really accessible and allow for a more tangible higher end goal. From 2500 to .1% is a void.

Edit: I did not get KSH when I first started keys. I mean to put in KSM.


That can’t be right, because the last xmog reward is BASED on your rating (the 2500 set).

I think the correct answer has since been posted: only ONE thing gets locked out at the end of next week, and it’s the Thundering Hero thing. Which, if you’re reading this, doesn’t apply to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck everyone! Just timed my Academy 18, at 2432 now! Only have to get 70 pts next week and many of my Tyr are 15-16. lol This’ll be EASSSSYYYYY. :wink:

gosh I’m at 2264 on my big sister resto druid. I just want to do 2400 and be able to use my valor juju. Mostly 16’s and an untimed 17

The 2500 glow is so underwhelming. It only applies to shoulders and I think helm? It’s also the exact same “glow” as the Mythic tier set. Except the LFR/Normal/Heroic colors. Would have rather gotten some kind of weapon illusion that was on theme.

You can absolutely still do it. Just gotta kinda grind, especially since tonight is the last of fort. Or just push harder next week and do 19s and a 20 or 2.

Or you try to cheese it even further by putting in some SBG/CoS 21 or something.