Is there no way to leave the celestial tourney outside of hearthing?

I right click on portrait, no option to leave instance.

So my only option to restart it… is to hearth and fly back, and my hearth is set to a point of where it’ll take me 5-10 mins to get back.

There is no resource on the entirety of the internet that says anything other than right click on portrait and click an option that literally does not exist under this circumstance.

World class design. Real big brains behind that.


Option to leave instance is there for me when I right-click my portrait inside the Celestial Tournament.


An alternative to hearthing would be to get the Timeles Isle trinket. It will teleport you near the Celestial Tournament from anywhere in the game. You actually appear on the steps leading down to the Celestial World Bosses.


I checked a little while ago and had the option to leave. It’s listed near the bottom under other options, not with the instance choices. Maybe an addon conflict if it’s not being listed for you?

It would be really nice though for both the Tournament and the Dungeons if there was a portal out at the end of them. :smiley:

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I was doing it while handing in time walking and got bored and literally just walked out to the flight path.

This was during the first phase though so maybe it wouldn’t work the same for the second round.

The little green LFG circular icon appears on the rim of my minimap while I’m in pet dungeons or celestial tourny, you can right-click that and ‘leave instance’

No “leave instance” option when i click my portrait. No green LFG light on the minimap. Logging out didn’t work, it was still there when I logged back in. Will try resetting cache, WTF etc or a flight path or hearthing. 5 years and still bugged!

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I’m also having this issue now :expressionless:

The LFG light is no longer on the minimap it is down by the microbar, I have to use it in BRD to be able to leave after running the pet battle dungeon.

Fun fact - once I hearthed out, then the dungeon/instance icon came up and I was able to leave. Interestingly…could not teleport back into the instance.

Nope, it has been for me too, but not today.
Anther great Blizzard bug.