Is there no longer a couple seconds of protection on vanish?

I was just in an arena and pressed cloak vanish and INSTANT broken back out from 1v1 a ret, No flare or anything. I have the Shadowplay trying to figure out why after vanish was pressed in 10 milliseconds came back out ret chased me and I lost because of it

Any chance I could see the footage? I’m curious what happened.

Comin right up take out the space

https ://

Guessing you are a Sin rogue, had Rupture on somebody, and are wearing at least 2-set?


You didn’t come out of Stealth until after the Vanish buff fell off, so you did get value from it. I can’t speak to why Stealth broke, but it looks like a bug. I can’t see any reason it would have happened.

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Yeah that has to be what it was GG Blizzard lol

Your vanish didnt broke, your stealth broke because of 2set bug on Assa rogue.

Blame the devs for ignoring this bug for the whole Season!