Is there free transfers off faerlina?

hey is there free transfers off faerlina

  1. Do you have a character on Faerlina?
    If yes, proceed to 2.
    If no, create one, then proceed to 2.
  2. Can you currently transfer this character off for free?
    If yes proceed to 3.
    If no, proceed to 4.
  3. Yes
  4. No

You’re welcome.


It does not appear so:

You may now proceed to:

when faction change came out there wasnt enough people willing to pay to faction change + pay to transfer off the dead side of their realm to play with their new faction so they opened free transfers between the 4 mega realms
EU was closed within days
faerlina/bene was open for weeks and was closed without any notice or post

the only way into bene as ally is to create a new char :slight_smile:

It’s a shame they won’t allow that. You’re trapped on that realm unless you pay $25 for an out. Free transfers to lower-medium population servers should still be a thing. Not saying there is any point sending them to a dead realm but at least give the lower-medium population realm more population influx.

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