Is there any way to mute that awful rapid fire sound(bow) for hunter without turning off all sound?

Blizzard should pay us for the work that we do, God’s work.

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God himself will gift you in his own way, nvm blizzard

Thank you.

Not 100% on this anymore, but I think there is a way to alter the game sound files. Could always hit up Tech support to see if it’s allowed anymore and if someone can help you do it.

I know folks would swap the new gun soundfile with the old one.

Not anymore. They changed how things worked to where none of this possible. Apparently they said ‘dataminers’ are to blame as for why sound files and the like are masked and categorized differently now.

Confirmed worse timeline.

What about addon support? Is that possible? Probably not if you can’t hardswap the file yourself

Not possible, they don’t work anymore to my knowledge.

If it is possible, Blizzard made it significantly more difficult to modify with some change or another they made. For the effort you’d put in, would probably be better off just changing weapons or muting the sound entirely.

The Rapid Fires sounds are about the same, except I think the gun models throw in some of the fake pew pew sounds. I wouldn’t know personally, I haven’t mogged a gun in ages. But a friend of mine said something.

Honestly, just play with sounds off if going through all this effort is too much, OP. I don’t mind the sound but I can see where it can bother some people.

Actually, sounds can still be muted and replaced! It works differently since patch 8.2, explained here in my guide using the add-on OldGunSounds. đŸč How to Get CUSTOM Gun/Bow Sounds Back in BFA

If it is only muting you want, try or another muting add-on from Curse/Twitch. If you have any questions, let me know!


You know, it’s possible that after so many people getting mistakenly sent here, we’ve actually gotten fairly good at answering questions.

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Are we a more funny, more helpful and more inclusive customer service team than blizzard’s actual customer service team? AND WE’RE DOING IT ALL FOR FREE?!

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You’re right. It’s time we chased these freeloaders out of here.

Kotick strikes again

Hey Jacquell ty, you are just the type of person people need when asking for help, i will check this out ty again. add me on bnet chat Vanwilder#11738

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The addon Jacquell recommended is particularly useful because you can easily replace the rifle sound with whatever you want


This doesn’t have a million likes.

People are uncultured.

I remember in Legion I had an addon that played Owen Wilson’s “wow” over every crit I made.

Those were good times.

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EDIT: one of the comments is “back when games were about the AEUHHH and not just graphics.” and i laughed almost to the point of tears just now


I can not for the sake of my life find the actual sound id# for that new hunter rapid fire, I swear every other sound file is there but this one, the old rapid fire comes up and even the removed marked shot comes up. anyone know the name of the file so I can mute it ty