Is there a way to increase taming speed?

I need to be that guy and tame a world boss

try the hunters forums not the support forums.

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The taming speed is hard coded into the game, I don’t think you can speed it up. I take it you are trying to tame the asian dragon in the timeless islands? Some one said it to do it in the middle of the night or REAL early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Im trying to tame Ruhkmar i was SO close i should have just had him i was stealthed around horde they didnt even know i was there but the cliff blocked my view at the last second and now a demon hunter is preventing me from coming back because they can see me from anywhere stealth apparently which is SUPER fun thanks Blizz. I was advised to do it on monday mornings when people dont need the weekly anymore.

Get a haste trinket like galecallers boon.
Get a ferocity pet.

Pop lust on your pet, dismiss it and pop your haste trinket, then cast Tame Beast.

Good luck.


Oh dang, I didn’t realize that one was tameable. Are you in Warmode? Or is that DH killing Ruhkmar as you are taming him?

Yeah its tameable haha. Yeah i thought itd be better theres only horde here. He can see me in stealth when im around the area for some reason so every time i come up on the area he points me out and everyone kills me. I can make it there during the spawn but they kill it so quickly. I just saw theres one in Skyreach dungeon though!

Are you in Warmode?

Yes my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Turn off warmode and try to tame the beastie that way.

No theres twice as many people there. Theres only horde here because they scared all of the alliance away. I just spent one minute in the dungeon next to the world boss location and got it so there goes two hours XD

Oh cool so you tamed him then? Cool Beans

BTW, Rukmar has the same model and skin as Rukhran in Spire, and the latter is trivial to tame, if you prefer that route.

Get a friend in another realm that is dead, get invited by them and get lucky… Otherwise just wait until the crowd dies and jump on it.

So heres an update. Ruhkran is bugged. LOL. Figures right? He attacks from a distance and not up close. GREAT.

Yep, super bugged. Just like cloud serpents. Larger AoE radius, but really bad at cleaving targets even slightly past his current target.

So here’s the trick… after 5 failed attempts in a row to tame Oondasta (there would be one other person there but in the last 25 seconds a dozen or more would show up), I figured it out! You’ll need the addon WorldBossTimers so you can time this correctly.

  1. Create a macro with the following two lines…
    /tar Oondasta
    /cast tame beast
  2. Drop the macro onto an empty spot and assign a hotkey to it (I use CTRL mouse wheel down)
  3. Summon a pet with ferocity.
  4. When there is 30 seconds left on the countdown, cast Primal Rage and then dismiss your pets.
  5. When the timer is at 1-2 seconds left, start spamming your hotkey.
  6. Enjoy your new Oondasta pet but expect to get some hate from others around you.

That’s it, that’s all.

I got the 2 tamable bosses in SL,got dirty looks but so what

Lol back in the day in WoLK hunters would often screw other hunters only tamming of the spirit beast on one of the new zone

Rather than seeing other fellow hunters get the spirit beast they would rather kill it

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