Is there a realm discord?

Last night I asked if there was a server-wide discord. I was told that there was one, but it was ‘yeeted’ by trolls.

So, I come here to corroborate if there is any realm-wide discord. If there isn’t, is anyone interested in making one?

I have not heard of one but wouldnt be shocked or surprised if there were one.

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I am not aware of a Discord though there is a community.

There used to be a couple, actually, but almost none of the people involved are on ED any more.


Yeah. I vaguely remember a couple ED discords and an attempt to put together an ED defense channel in game community but that was what now seems ages ago.

I also remember when guilds used to play musical chairs at The Golden Keg in the Dwarven District. Good times!

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The last one that was doing well (That I know of) was disbanded after the creator had an episode and kicked a bunch of people including myself.

There are however very large guilds on this server with active Discords.