Is there a Classic Era Discord for Whitemane Cluster?

I checked on Era and it seemed to have more players than SoM atm, wondering if there’s a discord for raiding/pvp on the Whitemane cluster.

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I’m aware of a PvP discord channel but if I had to guess raiding would be separate for the individual guilds. I don’t have the link for the PvP one but its been mention in a couple threads back I’ll see if I can locate it.

Found it! (I think): was the link from no clue if that is an up-to-date one though

Yep! If you’re on the Alliance side, check the couple of guilds that regularly schedule raids: Phase Seven and Pasta Sauce are the ones I’m familiar with; they both have Discord Servers with scheduled raids.

Yeah I wish I could claim to be in the know but Blackstabath had a great post and gave a link to the Phase 7 discord.

Not sure if they have a PVP-specific discord/channel or not.