Is the vendor lag intentional?

It’s not really an issue so meh

lol nope.

In fact when they added it in beta, the vast majority of players in the beta immediately requested its removal, reported all its intended affects as bugs to the point that blizzard had to make posts explaining it wasn’t a bug, in addition to completely breaking the hunter class because the batching affected pet behavior due to lazy modification of the batch code.

They added it because BLIZZARD, not the players, found it neat and nostalgic.


I’m assuming there is a bigger window for batching vendor transactions? It feels more like 2000-5000ms.

That’s because they are using modern pet behavior instead of Vanilla pet behavior. For example, in vanilla, I used to be able to taunt a pet and it would continue attacking me for the duration of the taunt, breaking scattershot and traps regardless of hunter input.

Now, pets auto peel off of CC and can be given orders even while taunted.

It’s also that the batching we have in classic is not the batching that was in vanilla.

It’s some weird cludge they added to classic to appease the “batching is about skill” crowd.

Have fun.

Yes that too. Its simulated batching instead of real

Yes it is.


It’s actually not, we’re on the modern game engine, blizzard cludged it to have lag.

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I like this coping mechanism the playerbase created to deal with batching.

“Oh my, batching sucks, Blizzard must have implemented it wrong. Yeah, we’ll just claim that on the forums with no evidence whatsoever! There’s no way an archaic action processing system from 2004 could be a bad thing! We were right to ask for it, Blizzard just implemented it wrong!”

Every single issue people have with batching is present in Vanilla video from 2004-2006.

I don’t remember ever having 400ms… I remember have 10 FPS though,

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You couldn’t taunt a passive pet into attacking you in vanilla. That’s a pserver thing.

Yes you could. I did it all the time on my Warrior in Vanilla. Charge/intercept hunter, immediately challenging shout and his scatter would get broken 10/10 times.

Hunters were absolute trash in pvp in Vanilla for many reasons.

You were only able to do this because their pet was not on passive. Blizzard addressed this in the “not a bug” list. People back in vanilla did not have macros to put their pets on passive before doing their cc.

Hunters were trash in PvP because people that played hunters were pepega.

Yeah sure, just like Daisy’s pants out on shimmering flats being changed isn’t a bug.

Blizzard has lied and/or been wrong in the past. I never had a pet stop attacking me in Vanilla through TBC when taunted. Not even at 2100+ arena bracket where players were presumably not trash.

I maintain this is strictly a byproduct of Blizzard using the newer AI code instead of Vanilla code. They never used to veer off instantly when a target was sheeped. Now they do.

People have found many examples of batching not working as it did in vanilla.

And when you look at it it’s pretty obvious why. Batching was added very late in beta, which worked quite well before that, and was not part of the base game engine.

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So this is a massive conspiracy and not a erronous memory from 15 years ago, further skewed by false pserver mechanics? Gotcha.

It’s more that batching sucks, always did suck, and should have been left by blizzard as one of the benefits of using modern infrastructure is that awful mechanic is gone.

The conspiracy theory is that batching in any way involves skill.

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I’ve asked you to provide examples before. You’ve provided nothing as you know batching is working correctly.

Except it’s not, and should have never been added in the first place.

Beta was much better before batching was cludged in.