Is the reason WoW is so bad now that Blizzard refuses to pay their employees fair wages?

Give me your opinions.


How do you know they’re not paying a fair wage? Who are you to determine what a company pays their employees?


Blizzard is cheap there’s no denying that. It’s the reason they don’t have in game GM’s or adequate CS. It’s the reason you have RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG. It’s the reason they have pathfinding and pass it off as “content.”

There’s no innovation anymore. There’s no passion and there’s no fresh gaming ideas. Maybe the new xpac will surprise everyone but I doubt it. The best thing they have going for them is a 15-year-old game. Kinda’ speaks to how far they’ve fallen.

It’s common knowledge they don’t pay their employees much, so I’d agree that’s directly reflected in the game itself.


Yes they do.

They have the largest CS team in the industry.


Why? We can’t discuss how cheap Blizzard is?


Well, that answered my question…the Bloomberg article was quite revealing. Thanks for sharing this.


inb4 monthly sub raised to over $20 a month

IDK, I used item restoration in WoW Classic twice in the last two weeks, and my jaw dropped at how robust, easy to use, and free the online system is. I feel well-served as a customer.

Compared to LotRO, my former MMO, where you can laugh and forget about getting CS. Their servers were just down for an entire week with little explanation and trivial compensation to the players.

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I went to the store the other day and they were out of tomato sauce and apples. So I went to another chain and they were out of tomato sauce, bread, apples and the place was filthy.

Doesn’t mean the first store actually had tomato sauce and apples. Comparing something sub par to something worse doesn’t make the the first thing great.


Blizzard is sub par compared to other companies in the entire gaming industry? LOL. You are not setting your “par” bar properly imo.


There’s that word “compared” again. Methinks you need to read.

This just in: Ceo’s make more money than customer service reps. More details at 5!


WoW has a horrible community full of trolls and know-it-all neckbeards compared to other games. Discuss.


I mean how do you even go about proving a statement like this. Even in their quarterly investor statements there is no indication of how large their customer service employee base is nor is there any way you could possibly compare against other companies in the industry.

Not only that but how many of that “customer service” group are assigned to Warcraft?

If you actually follow Blizzard-Activision you would know that WoW has not been it’s cash cow in a long long time. In what possible world would it make sense to invest in Customer Service, which is almost always the first area cut?

Only 27% of 1st QTR 2020 ATVI revenue was generated by the PC market. This includes all games marketed by Acti-Blizzard on PC (WoW, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, etc…).

So again, how much customer service do you actually think is dedicated to WoW when it accounts for only 10% of MAUs (monthly active users) and probably only 10% of revenue? I’d guess 10% of their customer service.


Do you feel well served by a self-checkout system?

Do you feel well served by an automated banking machine?

Convenient maybe but I wouldn’t associate a feeling of wellness at any point when dealing with an automated system.


You can see their CS team in the BfA credits. It numbers around 1,000.

None, other than some specialists who handle escalated complex cases. Even those folks are cross trained.

The CS team handles everything for all the games, not one specifically. So they can all do billing, account access issues, appeals, account services, porting you out of a stuck spot, etc.

Fun fact, most of the CS team (or GMs as you might call them) are in Austin, Texas which has a reasonable cost of living. For the EU they are in Cork, Ireland. Not sure about the Asia region. I assume Seoul though.


I don’t know about that. I have never seen exact numbers of Blizz staff for any department and I certainly have not seen that for other companies. Your statement would be hard to prove without serious data.

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as the last year’s net income was 1.5 billion which could be divided into 160k bonuses for each employee
2018 ceo $30,841,004 average $96,726 ratio 319:1
i don’t understand why that news exists.

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From that article…
“In internal messages reviewed by Bloomberg News, Blizzard employees said they were struggling to make ends meet while watching Activision Blizzard revenue grow year after year. Some producers and engineers at Blizzard can make well over $100,000 a year, but others, such as video game testers and customer-service representatives, are often paid minimum wage or close to it.”

Reminds of a video I saw where a convenience store worker for an airline company was seriously shocked that she made less than the CEO of the airline company…Your compensation is based on a mix of your value and skills. That article was pure rubbish, if you aren’t happy with your compensation, find somewhere else to work that will pay you based on your value to the company and your skillset.

I will video-game test for free…so why should Blizzard pay someone to do it? Be glad someone gets to get paid for doing what I would do for free. I would also GM for free in all their games, they can get an army of volunteers to do most of the in-game ticket answering.