Is the Legendary Echo of Eonar working right

Echo of Eonar seems like everyone is just getting +5% increase healing done instead of +5% increase damage / +5% damage reduction / +5% increase healing depending on there roll or am i just not just understanding the power right

Check the last sentence in the tooltip: preferring allies with the same role.

So if you’re in a raid it will give the 5% buff to 3 other healers instead of buffing DPS.

I can confirm this is a broken legendary. You can force it onto other roles if you’re hitting a dummy in your sanctum. Mine went on an Arms Warrior and Enh Sham, and both had the buff that increases their healing by 5% instead of damage. Broken legendary, screenshots included in my ticket, and GMs will not offer me a refund on the soul ash used to craft it. It’s really frustrating, since I went through the rep and soul ash grind to craft this for my M+ team, where it would help the entire group based on role.

Edit: I went Shadow spec, it popped and gave me and others, regardless of role, the damage buff.

If this is the case, why even add the part in the tooltip about it giving buffs based on the role of the person buffed (not the wearer). That’s not how it’s working, it’s just copying the buff the wearer gets and giving it to DPS, tanks, healers all equally. The information in the tooltip is super misleading. I still want a refund. Never would have crafted it if I knew that’s how it worked. :+1:

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Thanks for posting this. Been slowly grinding rep (as in, barely, with just the weekly quests) because I want this, but it sounds like it’s not worth the trouble.


It is bugged

I don’t think it’s bugged, just people need to comprehend what’s written. The buff given is based on what your, the wearer’s, role is. If you’re dps, it’s a dps buff to you then copied to those around you. If you’re a tank, it’s a damage reduction buff. Healer is a healing buff. Whatever buff is initially given to you is based on your role.

Then, and only then, is the buff copied to allies at 50% effectiveness. This was never going to be a go-to legendary for healers in dungeons. Tanks/dps might find some use for it though.

To be fair, the tooltip could use some clarification. Also, having it work as you describe would make it quite meh. I was really looking forward to a more group-support-y legendary.


The tooltip isn’t clear on what “this effect” refers to in the second sentence. Quoting it again:

“Your spells and abilities have a low chance to summon a spiritual familiar to your side, increasing your damage by 10%, healing by 10% or damage reduction by 10% for 10 seconds based on your role. This effect is duplicated on up to 3 allies at 50% effectiveness, preferring allies with the same role.”

Does “this effect” refer to the entire prior sentence, where the familiar buffs you based on your role, or does it refer to just the buff the familiar gives the caster? It’s ambiguous.

Given the ambiguity, I would have imagined Blizzard’s developers would choose the thing that makes sense from a gameplay perspective: There’s no point in giving a M+ group a healing done buff. What’s the point of a legendary that buffs an Arms warrior with healing done? That doesn’t make sense, no healer would want it, for <=5 person group content.

Given some tank’s incredible off-healing, there’s not technically no point, but yeah, you’ve identified exactly why Eonar is an underwhelming legendary.

It’s just too random, infrequent, and really only ideal in bigger raids (and even then the timing is the issue).

Does “this effect” refer to the entire prior sentence, where the familiar buffs you based on your role, or does it refer to just the buff the familiar gives the caster? It’s ambiguous.

What? Both parts of this “or” question are referring to the exact same thing. It lists a buff that’s based on your role. Then it says that buff is copied to allies. I’m unsure how more exact the wording can be outside of directly altering of the tooltip to your role the same way changing specs alters tooltips.

What possible other effect does the second sentence refer to?

The legendary basically gives you a buff.

If you are dps, then in your 5 man group the other 2 dps will benefit from it (and little bit of your tank) as they will get the dps buff. Healer will get a dps buff too. But they probably won’t care for it if they are only healing.

This is how it is written in the tool tip and makes perfect sense on the mechanics of the legendary.

I feel this would be super helpful for dps to have and take into raids or even mythic. Though it is random with a 1 proc per minute.

People who read it and thought it would give the buff per role, made assumptions and misinterpreted it.

Hey there, where are you seeing this is one proc per minute?

Can someone have multiple satcks of this from different people? E.G. a DPS Procs it fro themselves then two DPS teammates proc the 5% on them giving the original person 20% damage?

There are so many things about legendaries that it would be helpful to be able to test somewhere before comitting to crafting it.

Thanks for any insight.

Glad you asked, i was about to post an update. I read on the forums here about the proc rate.

Saw some comments on icy veins and wow head as well.

But I believe it depends on the class, because I crafted this item and I really like it.

Been using it for about a week.

In 3 minute testing I get about 4-5 procs total.

It helps dps. Its actually a really nice legendary that I’m glad I crafted. Sometimes it will proc at the same time as Avatar, so I have 30% damage buffs.

Whether it stacks, no idea. That be super interesting to try but no one has this crafted that I am aware of. I know groups I run with really enjoy it because the dps get 5% dps boost and we can burn things down quickly.

Definitely glad I crafted this one. Its underrated now that I actually tested it.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve sadly resorted to leveling up a few alts just to test legendaries. I guess that’s a win for blizzard- more time spent in game.

Considering the currency to craft these is time gated (totally understandable), I feel that blizz should be extra informative and thorough with the tool tips.

But alas; I guess the workoaround is to pack the stable with alts and test these things out.

Thanks again!

One side complaint- I agre this seems like a great dps stacking legendary especially for a static mythic group. I just find it sad healers once again lose out on compelling choices. If I’m understanding correctly, a healer prccing this in mythic keys to teammates will make the teammates get a buff to “healing done”, which is an extremely weak buff.

It’s just disappointing. Corruptions were dps oriented and legendaries seem to follow the same path. I don’t get why we can’t have some things that allow healing more diversity (I.e, allow healers to use this and buff their teammates dps).

In mythic, for healers it isn’t the best. As for raid, this would help out fellow healers pretty well.

For dps, this works both in mythic and raid environments which is great.

As tank, this can help those melee players get less damage and off tanks I suppose. No real loss really.

But I get what you mean, I’ve crafted other dps legendaries and found that they aren’t as great as they sound on paper and blizzard has no information about it.

I took a chance with this legendary and I’m glad I did.

Aye, I could have been more succinct in saying I wish, like dps; this was good in both mythics and raid for healers…

Even the tank one has some use in mythics

If your dps It prefers to give the dps buff to other dps but will put it on who’s available if there aren’t 3 dps, same if your heals or tank with their own respective buff. It is very much working as stated in it’s description.