Is the Buff and hot fixes actually live?

read multiple posts saying that the buffs and hotfixes did not get on live.
Does anyone know if these changes are live or not?

I have not seen them but I don’t remember seeing, “after regional restarts”, so it’s possible they have not been rolled out yet.

I think so, at least my Lock is hitting harder in Destro. Or, I’m just paying better attention to my numbers. :man_shrugging:

It’s listed under February 1 hotfixes, for some reason. “With Regional Restarts” for all the dmg buffs.

My Warrior plays exactly the same. The 3% buff made no difference.
This Shaman plays exactly the same. The 5% Buff made no difference.

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They shouldn’t make much difference. I mean if your warrior was doing 3k DPS before, then you’d do 3.09k DPS after.

These adjustments are just to placate players until 9.1.

They don’t. So they were a waste of time and placate nothing.

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None of the buffs made any significant leeway on classes/specs that truly need it.

Flat buffs like this isn’t going to change anything.

Devs are still patting themselves on the back for it, though. Believe it!