Is tanking in Classic hard?

Classic is when tanking was hard. And it’s the hardest role to play with the most buttons to push. In TBC it’s because of dps itemization getting so good that tanking threat becomes hard to maintain.

Nobody have issue with druid tanking in dungeons, what are you talking about. Even Paladin and Shaman tanking is fine in lvling dungeon if high lvl enough for it.

Tanking is hard in Classic mostly because of the other players. It’s hard to establish threat when mages wanna blizzard .5 seconds into the pull.

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Not rly. If u only count moving from one spot to another as “hard” then yes… But in retail when u spec as tank, u immediatly get aggro, u only have to attack the boss and use any ability and it will do the job of keeping aggro… In classic u actually have to do your rotations well and hope your dps looks at their threat meters (unless u r godly geared) also u have to get enough hit rating and threat generating stats, its much more complicated in classic, the thing is ppl see retail as harder just because of boss mechanics

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My god let this die. You are all pinging ppl from almost 2 years ago

Don’t put these two on the same level.

Paladins are the best AoE instance tanks. If you play a Warrior, then a Paladin, you will feel that Paladin tanking is cheating. Shamans can tank, like rogues can tank.

Tanking in classic makes me hard

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Elite’s Warrior Tanking Guide

Is the best Classic instance tanking guide I’ve seen.

Paladin tanks generating a 10k threat lead in about 20 seconds would like word with you. And, yes, we are MTing in raids. Just need taunts to eat things like buffets. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a cakewalk, and it certainly isn’t cheap (rip 1k+ Symbols PER raid). But it is fun to do.

No, Classic isn’t known for its difficulty.

It’s way easier to hold threat on sanic dps in TBC because tanks got real threat toolkits. The fury/prot meta has erased what vanilla tanking was like back in the day. There was a chunk of time when Shield Slam wasn’t a thing, then it wasn’t a very effective thing, then it was finally worth using over Sunder or Heroic Strike.

Threat in Classic is much easier than it was in vanilla, partially due to how we play, but mostly due to starting the whole game in with 1.12 skills and mechanics. If they do the same thing for TBC, as in start it using toolkits from 2.4.3 (I think that was the last TBC patch), tank threat will almost feel free.

Not it is not, you’ll need to go something like Shaman Tank for an ACTUAL challenge.

Tanking? No. Dealing with idiots, can be. There’s too many players that either take how to play too seriously, or not seriously enough, being in the middle is what makes it hard. Sometimes it feels like you’re stepping on the same rake, and when you tell people there’s a rake they get offended and leave. Eg making everyone LoS pull with you, instead of running in and chain pulling everything while you’re standing in the corner questioning life decisions.

It’s funny to come see some of these old pre-release posts from people who were so sure of themselves about how hardcore classic was going to be lol.

The measure of how good a tank is their threat and how many mobs they can hold. Paladins can do it piss poor easily in TBC. Druids do it second best. Warriors absolute stink in tanking in TBC. They’re just tasked to tank a single raid boss that isn’t that impressive. Try getting warriors to multi tank in TBC and they just can’t do it.

Tanking is the hardest role in classic.

They can do it in Classic just fine, and they get more tools in TBC that makes it easier. However, as you’ve noted, there’s a giant gap between how hard a Warrior has to try to hold AoE threat vs a Druid or a Paladin. Paladin tanking in TBC is literally passive. By that metric, Warriors are the worst AoE tanks in TBC, but they’re absolutely capable as AoE tanks.

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Warriors are the worst tanks for 5mans and only excel in raids what are you taking? Also druid tanks do just fine in raids don’t listen to this guy

I ran countless heroics in TBC with a warrior who refused to use any CC. Most warriors are just bad.

Yep, in TBC warriors get high threat Thunder Clap useable in defensive stance. So spamming that every 4 sec., we can AoE tank pretty well. Not as good as a pally, but we get the job done. Multi-target tanking for a warrior in TBC is certainly much, much easier than it is in Classic/vanilla.