Is Staghelm still dead?

hello? any1 there

Heya. We’re all still here. All 17 of us. :smiley:


I’ve been here since before Zul’Gurub was even a thing. Staghelm will never die, it’s still the same as it’s always been.
Anything bad that happens to it is Azuremyst’s fault, though.



Staghelm/Azuremyst is the marriage that’s finally working out after those years of early struggle. Now I couldn’t live without Azuremyst. :frowning:

This server was lit in TBC :frowning:


been here since August of 2005 :tired_face:

It’s turned into more of a smaller server with regular guilds/players. It’s like that old skate park that only the older kids go to, but they still love it cause of all the other OG kids that still hang there. I love logging in and seeing familiar names, chatting in trade sometimes, looking at the same players I always see and daydream about having their gear… you know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How did I not notice that Staghelm and Azuremyst had their own forum? Been On Staghelm since Wrath when I started.

I am returning after leaving in Cata due to Blizzard’s excessive effort to balance all classes … glad to see Staghelm still alive … I am Horde mostly but just rolled a new toon in Alliance to try tanking … fyi there is a growing guild called Rebel Alliance I joined (as Weedat) … to see how guilds are doing these days … (they want new members).

How do players here feel about retail these days? Are you planning to try Classic?

yes, i join the 17, now we are 18 strong still shuffling around staghelm.

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Im still here! Been here in the shadows the whole time, silently watching…

I’ve been here since Wrath and I’ll be here the day the servers shut down for the last time.


I played a ton in vanilla through WoTLK and am coming back for shadowlands. Is it worth returning to Staghelm, or should I move on to a different server?

Don’t know if any of my old guildies or acquaintances even play anymore lol.

Gardner, something’s wrong with Dorris.

Tulsa? Something is WRONG with DORRIS.

really is our server down to that many people?

Joined the second week of the game! Thinking about coming back to Staghelm!

I’m still here. It’s not dead.