Is Season 4 gear for honor Really that bad?

Ya but you still have time to use arena points to buy the gear so it’s not wasted.

What you get for assuming. Spend your damn points. You have 2 weeks to get more Arena points. If you’re not good enough for the gated pieces well you don’t deserve them now do you.

They did. You have 2 weeks.

You literally have 2 weeks to spend your arena points on gear

Except most people sitting at arena cap already have all the gear that doesn’t require rating, so pretty much the only thing we can do in that situation is blow the points on a bunch of gems or something.

isn’t AP auto xfer to honor points during prepatch? Like, hasn’t it been like…always? or AP is just getting wiped.

S4 will remain AP cost Im pretty sure.
and it is like this on pservers, and ye, pservers copied it from Wrath retail.

Handing out S4 in prepatch is too much. Like, you will be getting 2-3k/win during prepatch. YOu could get a piece/day. That’s kinda crazy.

According to the blue post, yes, AP will auto convert to honor. And yes, s4 WILL be available with honor.


So happy that they are doing this, Merc gear is nice and all but S4 gear greatly speeds up WOTLK leveling.

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oh snap.
I need to start honor farming.

Im going to get full S4 feral set then lmao. Ez clap.

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Yeah Feral is one of the best PvP sets, especially for leveling. Hell, when they nerf the bonus armor on Feral Tier, they don’t for Feral PvP gear. So mitigation-wise it’s really solid in the prepatch.

Im resto now, but im going feral for Wrath - for prog raid slot.
And I just blew like 300 badges on resto gear SAAAD. Like 2 weeks ago. haha

But yeah, and bear tanking is actually pretty babe in Wrath.
Every tank is a babe in Wrath.

I see no problem with it, it’s the pre-patch, and competitive pvp is over and just allows for better geared new characters for leveling

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And I wouldn’t have spent my honor on THIS gear if the next set was already on its way (started late lol)

It’s “magic hour” though. You’ll get to see way better fights near lich king release. Then that goes away for a bit. It comes back , for sure haha. But it comes in waves and this is one of em.

How much honor do you get now per win?
I’ve only been doing daily BG quest and towers for 2k/day.

I feel like in prepatch, we are going to get Wrath-honor rates, are we not? Like 3k/win + 1.5-2k every win after?

No were not and you know it. You only said this because warrior entered the forum lmaoooooooo.

This seems low??? If you do hellfire twoers, terrokar towers and bg daily that should be around 2700 not including the bg you had to do for the daily.

usually sitting aroud 1-500ish honor in av. (average around say 350) ab and eots end up around 200 average and wsg is all over the place lol and I havent paid enough attention to it.
Im sure though its one of the worst for the potential amount of time you spend per game.

let me correct myself, every tank is a babe for dungeon leveling.
Not talking about end game content.

Right, okay. It’s going to be like x5 in prepatch :smiley:

Most servers aren’t Grobb and don’t even consider Hellfire dailies. On other servers they make other faction’s toons to turn the tower for their guild, and half the time they get ganked doing it

Thats why you shouldnt assume what a change is gonna be

Think of all the thousands of gold was dropped on gdkp😂

They took the gamble with expectation… its no ones fault. They lost their gamble


Ah fair enough. I didnt know i was priveleged lol I joined grob cuz its literally the only RP server. I never ever liked pvp servers at all lmao but i was forced this time. Kinda grew on me.

HFP daily is a waste of time, unless you got your own flipper, which I do not.