Is Safespotting Against TOS?

An exploit in Gadgetzans allows 60s to attack low level players with no guards attacking them. Definently an exploit.

You know what it’s called. You know it is. You know you’re trollin’.


Title Correction: Is safespotting against tos yes


They see me trollin’… they hatin’…:rofl:

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I asked in public chat, player told me a name of what I consider an exploit (didn’t say whether it was against TOS, or not), I took that name and asked in the forums. Great job showcasing what garbage looks like in the WoW community.


I report anyone who is on top of buildings

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Developers’ note: We’re seeing some players attack others by abusing line-of-sight rules in Gadgetzan. This disruption is against our Terms of Service (as it was in 2006) and we’re taking action against players who exploit this game mechanic. While this new range differs slightly from orginal WoW 1.12, it better enforces the authentically intended consequence of PvPing in a goblin city by challenging the attacker to fight, die, or escape the guards.

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Thank you. My work here is done.


From my understanding you’re allowed to be up there and interact with npcs and players just so long as you aren’t being hostile to one of them.

you can get banned for doing it now, blizzard made a statement somewhere it is against TOS and if you see anyone doing it click their name and report them, there is always a building in south shore that operates the same way, not worth losing an account you put hundreds of hours in but its a douche thing to do sadly only seems to be horde who do it on my server.

If they attack you, yes, it’s against ToS. You can report them. There was a Blizz response to this

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Your job of being garbage. Exactly.

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yeah but they dont always ban someone for killing a few players like that

they might just ask them to stop after a while