Is MW a easy healer to learn?

I really enjoy healing on my Druid but I’ve been maining my Druid since TBC and a change needs to happen and I’m looking at Monk (I really love WindWalker rotation, I think it is the most enjoyable in the game)

With that said I haven’t really looked at MW and just wondering what I’m getting myself into

Easy to learn, but requires a slightly different mindset due to being a melee healer.

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If you like to be in melee range its fun, to get its maximum potential you have to fistweave its a rather straight forward healer…

There are a lot of interactions between spells that may not be clear as you’re learning. And tooltips are less than helpful especially when looking at things like Chi-ji, there’s a lot more to the ability than is let on initially. But once you get a feel for how everything in our kit works together it’s one of the most fun healers in my opinion. Just a bit of a learning curve (mainly if you’re not used to melee)

Overall if you like WW and Druid I could see you really enjoying Mistweaver!

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The spells are pretty straightforward, and if you’ve been WW-ing you most likely have a general feel for the melee/dps portion of stuff. Healing is mostly a mix of using the melee abilities and healing abilities.

The hard part early on is making sure you manage RenMist’s for maximum vivify cleave and getting used to that. Once you start learning fights you will know when to optimally set up ren mists to maximize how many you have out before the aoe/big dmg mechanics.

Learn when to SooMist and when not to. ( each tick of SooMist costs mana and to avoid the extra .5 gcd ) Talents will slightly change this but you really dont want to be sitting there SooMisting too much as there are better things you can be doing ( doing damage and regaining mana with BoK, getting more RenMists out with RSK, maintenance healing/set ups through Feyline/AT/RIsing mists if you took those )

Stay in melee but if you need to move quick due to mechanics it is okay, we are quite mobile and can dip in and out of melee if needed. But being out of melee makes the class tree auras, the interrupt, and entire melee portion of the toolkit (and it’s upgrades) useless. You will also be dumping melee mechanics on the ranged people if you stay in ranged. The anxiety of being in melee will subside after some time.

Play with your talents, understand them, and know what works in various situations/groups. The people who can optimize builds to the content they do will do better than people who just copy/paste the wowhead/world first builds.

Tons more info if you google “peak of serenity” ( itll be the first one that comes up ) I cant post links :frowning:

Check the articles for more information, and under advanced you can see more detailed info on RenMist, SooMist, RisingMist, Celestials, etc. The information is still relevant mostly to DF as far as the mechanics work. You can also join their discord and use the search function to get answers to frequently asked questions.

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I have little interest in being in melee range as I HATED doing that with HPaladin. Maybe MW isn’t for me, that sucks

you could run a ranged type build thats just, lifecycles/upwelling focused. you wont being doing any dmg though

Doable yeah, but if ranged you wont be getting as much out of the 10y class tree auras, wont be able to use spear hand interrupt, will have a harder time using Tiger’s lust to dispel snares on melee (20y), will be dumping melee mechanics on the ranged groups in raids, and be doing significant less dmg ( thus less Ren Mists going out and no mana regen through SotC )

Doable, just not recommended, even for non AT/RM/ChiJi builds. That said it can be done on normal, prob even heroic, Id just make your raid leader aware melee mechanics might happen in ranged groups I guess. ( I personally wouldn’t put my team through this though )

Id say MW monk is immensely more fun than H pal. Id still give it a try tbh.

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when did they add this melee mechanics on mistweaver

MW counts as melee and healer for mechanics.


i got that, but it wasnt my question.

The question is kind of incoherent and hard to decipher.

Do you mean melee mechanics as in the talents like at/RM/Chi Ji?

It’s a well known fact MW can possibly dump melee mechanics on ranged groups if they stand with them, so if you mean that…since forever as we have always been classified as “melee-healer” by the game.

in any case, you always stand in melee on MW, to not do so is suboptimal play and invalidating a good chunk of your toolkit/bonuses.

It’s like a combination of Holy Paladin, Disc & Resto Druid. One of the harder healing specs IMO, but not as hard as Disc.

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