Is layering good or bad? Answer here

Fizze, there is no counter measure. The counter measure is not doing this. The gameplay effects of trying to limit the abuse is too dramatic and impossible to impliment. They will not hire GM’s to monitor abuse for sure. There is no way to reign it in. It WILL be abused and it WILL destroy the game.

I would rather they shard the living HELL out of the game for 1 day than do this for a month.

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Maybe they were just moved to a different… layer?


The fact that you think the effect is minor to the economy tells me how ignorant you are of Classic WoW.

An extra zone full of Devilsaur and rich thorium is a matter of HUNDREDS of gold.

There are ways of stopping exploits.

For instance, if a players jumps layers X amount of times with in Y time frame, they are locked to that layer for Z period of time.
People could still group with them and come to their layer but they can’t change for a while to stop the exploiting.

I agree. Low level sharding is much better than this.

The only counter I can think of is to limit layer swapping to once per week.


Sure. I’m sure that some players “want” to be able to log off in the middle of an open field and still get full rested XP. There are RPG elements that prevent that, and if they don’t like it tough.

This is not Retail. They are not pandering to every complaint and ‘want’ from players unwilling to put effort in. Those players will die off pretty quickly.

If you intend to curb things like Rare Spawn hopping… making someone leave the area, return to an in, change layers, then ride back… is a GREAT way to make the bar for that abuse attempt higher than it would otherwise be.

If you’re grouping up with friends because you want to quest together, its a low bar and a small time commitment to do that to change layers. If you’re grouping up with someone in your layer, no harm no fuss, it just groups.

The only way you can jump layers will be through Battle Net friends, or existing friends you’ve met elsewhere, since there’s no Group Finder tool. The BfA methods won’t work. So no, its not some giant inconvenience to require them to go to certain locations or wait a period of time before they can swap layers.

Where’s Fesz and the Convenience Police when you need them.

This means that you can only hop 2-3 times. That is more than enough to destroy gameplay in all the ways I mentioned and more.

Layering is good. Means I don’t have to wait in a queue to get in, deal with server instability, or compete with thousands of other people to tag mobs in starting areas for quests since they’ve outright said dynamic respawns won’t be a thing. It kicks in only as needed, players are only from your realm, and it has a hard end date. That said, I would like a bit of transparency in how many players have to be active before a layer is created and whether or not the chats will be shared across all layers to facilitate grouping for quests/dungeons/WPvP.

Classic economy is based on a number of resource vs a number of players. Layering means that these two will always be tied together, so the impact on the economy will be minimal.


How exactly would this destroy gameplay?

Still not replying to my post. If layers exist you’re going to find a ton of people in zones with you still.

Shards you can find yourself alone, not layers. Potentially? I’m sure.

Jumping layers will still have you compete against other players, and as I said before, a server w/ multiple layers has far more buyers in the market. The goods will even out and still be priced relative to a server that doesn’t have layers.

You clear a gnoll camp, good job w/ no one around you, you jump layers and find that theres other people clearing that same gnoll camp. Jump did nothing.

I am sorry but you are simply wrong.

A pack of people will get ahead and exploit the hell out of this. The rest are left to be at their mercy for the bulk of materials. The rest will look on at their boe epics in every slot and epic mounts. If you think that it won’t matter because many people will even it out you simply are wrong.

It isn’t as if we don’t know. We have seen multiple 10k+ private servers rise up and I can tell you from personal experience that no life neck beards on each one rose up to exploit the economy in every way they could. It will happen on every realm on Classic WoW. How do I know? They won’t make more than 35 servers, this was stated, which means few servers, which means higher probability that EVERY server will have a group of no lifers who will exploit the living hell out of this.

So it is and a few hundred gold extra is insignificant in the grand scale of things.
So what few neckbeards will have an early epic mount or two by grinding out couple thousand gold unusually fast.
You do understand that thorium and devilsaur prices are going to be measured by how much people are willing to pay for them.
A regular player won’t have any more money anyway so these guys are either selling cheap or waiting for people to get more money to buy with the prices they want for them.

That’s not going to ruin my Classic experience…

It total yes - but it will concentrate the wealth in fewer hands.

Layering is so wildly inappropriate for a world-based MMO like Vanilla that you have to suspect it’s the idea of someone so out of touch they probably never even played the game.

Sorry dude, whether you like it or not, layering is a great compromise to the issues at launch. Blizz will have many, many paying customers who get home from work (or whatever), sit down, and have just a couple hours to play. If you expect Blizz to tell these people “too bad” when they’re sitting in 3+ hour queues and the servers are constantly crashing, you’re part of the problem here. That is NOT acceptable.

So, layering it is. And layering is a great compromise.
Like someone? Friend them and play with them. Want to play with your guild? Invite or have someone invite you, problem solved. Raiding? Invite everyone, problem solved. Effecting the economy? Nope, that isn’t layered.


They need to ensure you always log into the same layer after you you back in from a break, disconnect, or being offline for a few days. Otherwise this is no different than sharding and is unacceptable.

If a server is in a layered state, theres more then one neckbeard trying to exploit it. There’s going to be a lot of people farming materials and what not regardless of layer exploits and stuff.

If you expect everyone else to be a doormat then I don’t know what to say. I for one think it destroys the game to allow one person to have 100 times the items I do just because they don’t have a job and got ahead of me in leveling. It sort of ruins the game.

Play more then or get better, theres always going to be someone better then you with more time.