Is KeySpam/AHK Allowed?

Hi, I just wanted to know if using AutoHotkey (AHK) in the way described in this video is against the rules in any way or could get me banned?

There is no automation or anything like that, just spamming keys as you press them to reduce the delay between casts on high ping.

This was suggested by a guildie and just wanted to be sure before trying it out.

When you say “spamming keys”, do you mean that you press the key once and then it registers a bunch of times? If so, then it would be against the rules.

One key-press needs to register once (per client) and not multiple times.


It says right in the video that you push and hold the button to spam the spell. That is considered automation and against the rules.


Blizzard only allows one of two keypress states for firing spells. Key up, or key down, depending upon your preference.
The continuous firing of a spell in a key down state is automation.

That being said, there’s also little reason to do it. Even I can manually press a key up and down faster than the GCD can recycle the spell and I’m in my 70’s.