Is it even possible to define #nochanges?

Disclaimer: If people could be polite in this thread (and others) that would be awesome.

  1. “Vanilla” was the first expansion of WoW.
  2. “Vanilla” had patches released during its run that added things, subtracted things, and radically altered gameplay.
  3. “Vanilla” ended (IMO) when TBC was released.

Therefore, to say “Vanilla means Vanilla” or #nochanges without further clarifying your statement is just not very accurate.

I do think it’s valid to have many discussions about which portions of 1.1-1.12 WoW should be included in Classic. And yes, I know what the Devs have and have not said, but bringing up discussions about all that is kind of the point of this forum.

Adding in things that came in TBC and beyond obviously violates the spirit of Classic and should (IMO) be 86’d immediately. Banning or forum dogpiles of personal insults? How about just “no” and move along.

There are a lot of seriously heated debates on this forum that seem to stem from the fact that people are talking about things which are not very well defined. It would be cool if we could come to a working definition of some of these terms before annihilating each other from our Keyboards of Violence in the future.


Your turn.

This discussion has happened before, but a lot of new people have joined the forum since the last time, so I guess it’s time for another one, huh?

What’s different about now (IMO) is that we’re getting close to release. The devs, at this point, are almost surely past making any big decisions about changes either way, and are in the process of cleaning up bugs and such. So any arguments we have here, at this point, about what should and should not be included in Classic, probably fall into the category of “just shootin’ the crap” if you know what I mean.

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its simple. nothing that wasnt in the 1.1 - 1.12 timeframe.

now there were alot of things that happened in that timeframe so wanting 1.12 patch with 1.5 av would still be within what was in vanilla.

or pre 1.11 shield slam changes for everything but naxx. that would involve adding in an aura to naxx which would be something outside of the 1.1-1.12 timeframe though so some people would not want that.

but yes . the core of no changes is nothing but 1.1-1.12 timeframe.

that would mean things like guild banks and transmog wouldnt be in.

neither would sharding or loot trading though either. or bnet.


Of course, Blizzard is the final arbiter of all that, so…

Pretty sure that is all any of us do on these forums (although several seem to think that our presence here is much more important, LOL).

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In short no it’s impossible to accurately define #nochanges.

My personal view on it is as close to realistically possible how things happened in the original timeline. And that is as close as I can define it.

Then again personally there are things I rather not see at all like the updated AV but I would not actually mind having BG battlegroups of like half a dozen realms clumped together it’s still limited amount of people while being more manageable queue wise.

These are just examples of course and it cannot be a simple matter in a game that was patched and patched for two years or so.

No changes is a bit more of an ideal than a strict code of things.

The best definition one could try to put on it is “Nothing that wasn’t in the original 1.1->1.12 timeline”. That said even within that people want different things: some people want a strict 1.1->1.12 timeline recreation, some people want strict 1.12, and some people want a “best of” frankenpatch that uses 1.12 as a base but has elements from earlier in Vanilla.

Though the group that want a strict patch timeline recreation isn’t really around these days since Blizzard has confirmed 1.12 foundation with a content schedule.

Personally I’m in the frankenpatch group, as I’d like to see a few things reverted to earlier states like Alterac Valley, making content prior to Naxx closer to their original difficulties, and making threat matter more.

but like Moreh said, Blizzard is very likely at the point where they’ve made all the major decisions and we’re just the peanut gallery at this point.

as long as they arnt to bad im ok with some changes im not a classic purest.

im just glad i get to relive my 2hd enhancement days once again.

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No. It’s no different then every Classic player-to-be coming to a consensus on what is going to be on a single Pizza they all have to share.

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